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“What a shame!” JK Labajo, netizens, disappointed of the 3 judges of ‘Idol Philippines’ who said ‘NO’ to Luke Baylon

  • ‘Idol Philippines’ judges earned lot of criticism from the netizens including Juan Karlos Labajo
  • JK shared on his social media accounts his disappointment towards the judges who didn’t see the ‘Idol’ potential and have said ‘NO’ to Luke Baylon
  • Regine Velasquez-Alcasid was praised for giving Luke a ‘YES’
  • During his audition, Luke sang ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ of Alicia Keys and applied a reggae twist on it
  • His audition clip is now #2 trending on YouTube

21-year-old Luke Baylon is one of the Idol hopefuls who auditioned for Idol Philippines. He sang one of Alicia Key’s greatest hits, ‘If I Ain’t Got You,’ owning it with his own reggae style. He gave the song a soulful twist however, the young singing aspirant didn’t earn the votes of most of the judges, namely James Reid, Vice Ganda, and Moira Dela Torre.

Among the judges, it was only Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid who favored Luke because she saw the ‘Idol’ in him and she actually liked his rendition. With 1 vote, the reggae singer didn’t earn the Golden Ticket for he needed at least 3 votes to make it to the next round.

With this, many netizens lambasted the 3 judges who gave a ‘NO’ vote to Luke. They aired their sentiments on social media and even requested to change the 3 judges for they don’t deserve to be judges of Idol Philippines. Not only that, even the singer-songwriter Juan Karlos Labajo was disappointed of the judges who didn’t see Luke’s potential as a singer.

In his Instagram stories, JK expressed his sentiments and disagreement to Luke’s rejection.

On one post he said, “It’s a yes for me. I’m not even gonna argue with the other judges.”

“It’s easy to fix flats and sharps and such imperfections but it’s not that easy to find soul. Kakagigil,” he added.

On another post he wrote, “I just found out that the guy who got rejected at idol ph is the same guy who did an amazing reggae version of my song buwan. HUGE shame on the other “judges” for not seeing this guy’s potential. what a shame. such a shame. I’m ashamed.”

Aside from Instagram, JK also shared his sentiments on Twitter. He also shared his Instagram stories on Twitter.

On his Twitter post he wrote, “a wise judge said, “I like your voice.” such wisdom. much words. wow”

In his other post, he said that he’s only sharing his disappointments with the show (Idol Philippines), not to talk down someone.

Netizens also bombarded social media with rage for the 3 judges. Even the show itself is being bashed now. Some of the harsh comments are:

Luke has greatly earned the sympathy of many netizens and even rooted for him despite what happened in the competition. Some netizens expressed their opinions and pointed out that Luke should have been given a chance to go to the next round or at  least was asked to sing another song since it seems that he only picked a wrong song to sing, like what they do to other singers who previously auditioned.

Here are some of the comments:

On Facebook, the rejected hopeful expressed his sincere gratitude to JK Labajo and Lloyd Cadena for appreciating his talent.

But, an alleged post of Luke Baylon is floating on Twitter. However, the account was deactivated and does not exist on the said social media site anymore. In his tweet he wrote:

“Spoil ko na
Di ako nakuha lol
Ayaw nila sa reggae ata even my style
Wag na kayo magexpect
ng wow performance sa tv
Binawi ko na lahat lahat sa channel ko so
Abangan nyo na lang ako sa Concert
on August maybe SM Skydome”

Upon knowing this, Labajo wrote on Twitter that he will take back what he said about the ‘whole situation’ if it will be confirmed that the account was really Baylon’s and if he is the one who posted the boastful message.

Not long after, Labajo confirmed that it was Baylon’s but he stood his ground regarding the talent of the Idol hopeful. He also shared that he felt disappointed with what Baylon has tweeted since he earned the sympathy of many netizens, but he is already disappointing them with his tweet.

On Twitter, Labajo reacted:

Netizens who saw this also reacted and felt dismayed with Baylon.

A netizen wrote, “Be a little humble. You haven’t proven anything. And just so you know, not everyone appreciates your kind of music. If you want to make it big, you need to be more open on criticism. You haven’t even taken one step and yet your 5 seconds of fame has already gotten into your head.”

Another netizen also posted: “No wonder James said No.”

Tweeted by one netizen: “They didn’t say no kasi ayaw nila sa reggae. It’s bc ur performance isn’t satisfactory for them. The arrogance jumped out [emoji] try improving your skill and personality @lukebaylon. I admired u.”

Another netizen also wrote, “You haven’t proven anything yet, pero napakayabang mo na. Where do you think will that attitude of yours bring you?”

As of the moment, Luke’s audition on Idol Philippines has already reached 3 million views and is the Top #2 trending video on YouTube. If you haven’t watched it, play the video below:


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