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Netizens rant over Bb. Pilipinas candidate Joanna Toledo’s response about depression

  • Binibining Pilipinas 2019 candidate Joanna Toledo receives criticism from netizens because of her response about depression during the Pre-Pageant Free Speak Competition last June 3
  • Many netizens strongly disagree with her answer and even questioned her being a psychology major and guidance counselor

Binibining Pilipinas candidate Joanna Toledo is being criticized by netizens because of her response regarding depression during the Pre-pageant Free Speak Competition.

The Pre-pageant Free Speak Competition was held last June 3, 2019 to test the communication skills of each candidate as they answer questions given to them within 30 seconds.

Joanna got the topic about depression and her answer caught the attention of many netizens and even went viral online.

She said, “I’m a psychology major and I studied depression when I was in college and I am a grade school guidance counselor as well, and I have students who are experiencing depression.

“I am always telling them that if you believe in yourself and if you know yourself, who you are and who you want to be, then you will not experience depression,” she added.

Many netizens found her speech insensitive and strongly disagreed with her. They even questioned her being a psychology graduate and guidance counselor with seemingly no knowledge of depression.

One netizen commented,Its not about how she answered the question, triggered ako kung paano niya binigyan ng leksyon/advice mga students nya about depression. Hindi sana lumala conditions nila.”

Another netizen posted, “I was so triggered with her answer that I commented on her IG and messaged a common friend. Masakit para sa akin na isang na diagnose with depression and anxiety. Parang napaka simple lang ng sakit na ito ha.”

A netizen expressed her sentiments by writing, “Depression comes in many forms and there are factors that actually triggers someone’s anxiety or depression. And how often a person actually figured out what they want, who they are and what they want to be? Yung sagot niya nakakatrigger ha.

Another netizen posted on Twitter, “If you’re a psych major, you should’ve known that telling people they won’t have depression if only they believe in themselves is WRONG. You’re damaging their expectations.”

But some understood the pressure of needing to think of a good answer within a 30-second limit. They also remarked that it’s not easy to stand in front of many people and think critically.

Here are some of the comments of netizens in a post of fashion PULIS.

“In her defense, she probably meant/could have said, ‘you could overcome depression.’ Hirap din sumagot ah. Give her a break. Parang nakapatay naman yun tao.”

“Wala namang perpektong tao, [12:42 is right] malamang mali lang siya ng nagamit na words, may timing pa yan at ura urada di mo malaman yung kaba niya while thinking ano isasagot niya. Give her a break! Hindi madaling maging perpekto gaya mo.”

“She might be pressured and nervous before and during that. But of course that’s not an excuse to give that answer. As usual, the keyboard warriors/woke culture are having fun to mock her instead of correcting her properly and give her advice and more knowledge about depression.”

“feeling ko din , mukhang kabado at hindi naman Englishera yung candidate. Wag tayong manglait, tignan din natin kung saan nanggagaling yung tao.”

Will this affect her chances? Or will she redeem herself and be the next title holder of Binibining Pilipinas?


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