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James Reid and Nadine Lustre react to DJ Rico Robles’ ‘bad’ Idol joke

  • James Reid and Nadine Lustre reacted to a video of Rico Robles, Lance Busa, and Matty Juniosa supposedly making fun of James
  • Rico and the two Idol Philippines contestants denied that they mocked James in the video
  • Many Jadine fans were prompted to slam the three for allegedly making fun of James

James Reid and Nadine Lustre reacted to a recent viral video of disc jockey Rico Robles and Idol Philippines contestants Lance Busa and Matty Juniosa.

The viral video showed the three allegedly making fun of James who is one of the Idol Philippines judges.

The video clip was from the Stages Session hosted by DJ Rico on Monday, July 15. It was also attended by Idol Philippines contestants Lance and Matty.

As revealed in the video, DJ Rico supposedly aired controversial remarks against James.

“I turned on the television on my ABS-CBN TV Plus, and there you are! James Reid telling you how to sing…” Rico said to Lance.

After a short moment, the camera then focused on Lance and Matty who were laughing out loud.

Rico continued his remarks: “If he [James] only know much range this guy [Lance] has…”

The Monster Radio DJ also said that he will be giving his vote to Lance.

After receiving hateful comments on social media, DJ Rico decided to explain his side regarding the issue.

DJ Rico shared a screenshot of James’ and Nadine’s messages on Friday, July 19, on Twitter and proved that he did not mean to throw shade at anyone.

He posted: “was hosting in a comedic way to get the crowd going, but it was never meant to shade you guys or anyone, again, they are posting this now…

“So messaging you guys ahead to tell you, it was not to make Fun of You.. people took it off context”

Based on the replies of James and Nadine, the two have already seen the video and they said that they found it funny instead of offensive.

“I laughed so hard. It’s cool they’ll get over in a couple days don’t sweat it.

“I’ll be doing some radio tours real soon so we can joke about it when I’m at your station,” James replied.

Nadine also responded in the same manner, saying that the video was not offensive or bad.

“People get offended easily. I don’t think they know how close we are hahahaha” Nadine said.

“I didn’t find it offensive. I thought it was funny. Don’t worry. They get offended with things na hindi naman offensive. It’s not bad,” she added.

In his tweet, DJ Rico also said that he will continue supporting the two Kapamilya stars.

Lance spoke about the issue and said that he did not agree with the remarks of Rico and that he respects James as an artist.

He said that he disapproved of Rico’s joke by making an “X” sign but it was not included in the video.

He wrote on Twitter: “After po inikot ang camera, naka ‘X’ po ang mga kamay ko showing them na that was a bad thing to say.

“I did not support it all po, but sadly it wasn’t caught and there is no proof of me showing that.

“I really would like to apologize for how you saw my reaction on the video.”

He continued: “Again po I will speak muna for myself, I do not support what he said and my reaction shown on the video was because I first thought Rico said James was judging me well, then I reacted back and made an action para sana mabawi niya ang sinabi niya.

“Sorry po. I am not a bad person.”

Meanwhile, Matty clarified that he and Lance were caught off guard with Rico’s joke causing them to burst into laughter.

“To clarify lang we were all caught off guard with the joke and I laughed not out of mockery to James but because of my disbelief na may ganung shade na joke, jokes WHICH should never be personally taken cause it doesn’t take anyone’s talent down a notch it’s all fun and games”

Matty explained: “Plus we’re all in good terms and have high respect for each other, moreover, high respect for any artist!

“We all love James hahaha chill guys and I love how you, Angel Elisha, took the time to actually ask and not assume!

“Hehe that’s what it’s all about, an open mind!” he said.

Lance is still in the running for Idol Philippines while Matty was eliminated during the first live performance round.

Lance was once named as the grand winner of the singing competition led by the American singer Michael Bolton in 2017, Bolt of Talent.

He was also a finalist in the GMA Network boyband search To The Top in 2015.


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