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NUTAM People Ratings: ‘It’s Showtime’ in a tight battle against ‘Eat Bulaga’ and ‘Dragon Lady’

  • Eat Bulaga remains on top against rival program It’s Showtime for the entire week (July 8-12)
  • Dragon Lady, ending on July 20, wasn’t able to beat It’s Showtime
  • It’s Showtime ratings stay low according to NUTAM

Eat Bulaga still earns the bigger percentage of viewers, keeping its lead against the rival show, It’s Showtime.

For weeks, the Kapuso noontime variety show maintained its lead, not letting its timeslot rival take its place. Meanwhile, Dragon Lady kept up the fight as well.

Based on the data recorded by TV ratings provider National Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM) from July 8-12, 2019, Eat Bulaga secured its spot beating the Kapamilya show It’s Showtime. Dragon Lady, however, was just approximately .2% points away from defeating the aforementioned Kapamilya noontime variety show.

On Monday (July 8), Eat Bulaga recorded a total percentage of 6.5% that is .4% higher than of It’s Showtime, which got 6.1%. Dragon Lady settled at 6.0%, just a .1% lower than its timeslot rival.

By Tuesday (July 9), Eat Bulaga’s viewership rating rose to 6.6%, .1% higher than its previous rating. It’s Showtime, on the other hand, gathered 6.0% audience share, which is.1% lower than its previous record, and tied with Dragon Lady. This was the highest lead of Eat Bulaga against its timeslot rival for the whole week.

Last Wednesday (July 10), Eat Bulaga decreased its viewership percentage by .6% settling to 6.0%, tying with its rival program It’s Showtime which rating didn’t change. Dragon Lady wasn’t able to beat rival show as its rating decreased by .2% settling to 5.8% .

On Thursday (July 11), All of these programs’ audience share increased. However, Eat Bulaga remained undefeated. With a rating of 6.7%, the said program was .5% higher than of It’s Showtime and Dragon Lady which both garnered 6.2% audience share.

By Friday (July 12), Its Showtime earned its week’s highest rating of 6.4%. However, the show failed to defeat its rival noontime show which got 6.6% viewership rating. Dragon Lady failed to beat the Kapamilya show too, settling to 6.2%, .2% lower than its timeslot rival.

Eat Bulaga is slowly gaining back its audience. Whether it’s due to the newest segment Little Miss Philippines 2019, or because of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza’s appearance, it is maintaining it’s lead over its rival.

Dragon Lady, as it nears its end, catches the interests of its audience as to what will happen to Yna/Scarlet in the end and what awaits for the mother-and-daughter Vera and Astrid. Will there be a happy ever after for Yna and Michael? Or will Vera succeed in disposing of Yna and her family? In the last week’s episode, Goldwyn proposed to Yna which the latter rejected. Hurt, Goldwyn went to a bar to drink all the pain he’s feeling away. Astrid used the situation to her advantage and was able to lure Goldwyn to connive with her in exchange for getting Yna for himself. Dragon Lady will conclude on July 20, 2019.

It’s Showtime‘s episodes of last week was star-studded as the show invited big stars like the Indie band I Belong To The Zoo, singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre, total performer Darren Espanto, Philippines’ fastest rapper Gloc-9, GirlTrends, 3D, Filipino rock band Moonstar88, Asia’s Got Talent 1st season winner El Gamma Penumbra, Jed Madela, reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazzini Ganados, and International artist Jesse McCartney.

NUTAM People Ratings

Monday (July 8 ) Eat Bulaga: 6.5% / Dragon Lady: 6.0% vs. Its Showtime: 6.1%
Tuesday (July 9) Eat Bulaga: 6.6% / Dragon Lady: 6.0% vs. Its Showtime: 6.0%
Wednesday (July 10) Eat Bulaga: 6.0% / Dragon Lady: 5.8% vs. Its Showtime: 6.0%
Thursday (July 11) Eat Bulaga: 6.7% / Dragon Lady: 6.2% vs. Its Showtime: 6.2%
Friday (July 12) Eat Bulaga: 6.6% / Dragon Lady: 6.2% vs. Its Showtime: 6.4%


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