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WeSing strengthens cultural exchange, connects people through immersive music experience

  • WeSing strengthens Cultural Exchange
  • Connecting People through immersive music experience

[Manila] WeSing, Tencent Music Entertainment Group’s free Karaoke application and the No.1 music and audio app by downloads on Google play in the Philippines, vows to further strengthen mesmerizing music exchange among the Philippines, China and other parts of the world through immersive music experience that entails singing, listening, watching and playing.

During the recent China-Philippines Forum, hosted by China Public Diplomacy Association and Presidential Communications Operations Office of the Philippines, on cultural and economic exchange, Dennis Hau, Group Vice President of Tencent Music Entertainment, shared the increasing role music plays in strengthening cooperation and cross-cultural exchange under “The Belt and Road Initiative”.

Dennis Hau at “Belt and Road” China-Philippines Forum on
People-to-People Exchange & Economic Cooperation

“When it comes to cultural exchange, music is critical. As a universal language, music connects people and breaks down cultural and regional barriers. As part of the Tencent music ecosystem that incorporates music, entertainment and social network, WeSing innovates to pave the way for music fans to experience online karaoke and share fun anytime, anywhere. With WeSing, music fans in Southeast Asia can not only enjoy music they love, but also get connected with people from other parts of the world. In the Internet era, where real-time sharing, multi-interaction and widespread proliferation have become our way of being, we hope to see more connections would be empowered between people through music in WeSing,” said Hau.

WeSing for Overseas Users

WeSing Takes the Lead in the Philippines,

WeSing has created a craze in the Philippines since its launch in 2017. Ranked as the top music and audio app in Southeast Asia, hundreds of KOLs from the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia have joined the WeSing network and uploaded thousands of Karaoke videos to the platform.

“As a platform offering free Karaoke songs, WeSing has recently become the most popular app in its category in the Philippines for three consecutive months and has been highly recommended in Southeast Asia on Google Play every day.

Given Filipinos spend over 4 hours a day on social media, including an average of 126 minutes on streaming music , WeSing’s core feature to enhance social acquaintance and music social elements hits the soft spot of Filipinos, addressing their daily habits effectively,” said Mario Ji, General Manager of WeSing.

With singing as the core, WeSing is a handy app which features multiple voice effects and filters, encouraging everyone to sing confidently.

With search optimization, users can discover their favorite music categories, songs, and singers.

In addition, WeSing integrates social features into singing, for example, in-app Karaoke battles allow users to interact with friends. Apart from gathering music fans, WeSing connects influencers and fans as well.

Through sharing Karaoke videos on social media, users can share the joy and positive energy of singing. WeSing also features an offline mode through which songs can be recorded and shared more conveniently while offline.

This optimized function enables users to enjoy music regardless of time or location.

Sing in Offline Mode for Free

Integrating with the Philippine Market

With the “Internet generation” represented by millennials, the demand for mobile and social Internet entertainment product is increasing. Statistics show that the revenue of streaming media in the Philippines increased by 24.3% in 2017 amid a booming music market in Southeast Asia.

Younger users are looking for more personalized experience and diverse products.

To address demands for diverse experience and to cater to the interest of music fans, WeSing has teamed up with MYX, the music channel of ABS-CBN, leading media and entertainment group in the Philippines.

Key activities include daily song list provided by MYX, celebrity-hosted Karaoke programs and Duet with artists.

Recently, WeSing has been rebranded with a stronger Karaoke feature. In addition to the new visual experience, WeSing’s features and services are also constantly being optimized.

As a social entertainment platform, WeSing brings new music and social experience to the Philippines through a more vivid and interactive platform.

The WeSing app is available for download in the Philippines via App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

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