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GMA Network’s ‘The Better Woman’ lost its fight against ABS-CBN’s ‘The General’s Daughter’

  • The Better Woman is on the losing side against ABS-CBN’s The General’s Daughter
  • The show accumulated only a single-digit rating throughout the week
  • GMA Telebabad reshuffled shows which included The Better Woman

The Kapuso Primetime Telebabad show The Better Woman starring Andrea Torres and Derek Ramsay has lost its fight against  ABS-CBN’s The General’s Daughter.

The Better Woman premiered last July 1, 2019, making Sahaya change to an earlier time slot. The Better Woman didn’t win the battle against ABS-CBN’s The General’s Daughter and their single-digit rating wasn’t enough to keep it in the time slot, leading to a reshuffle in the Kapuso program line up.

According to the GMA’s rating provider, Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM), on Monday August 12, The Better Woman got an 8.2% in rating against The General’s Daughter with 14%, a gap of utmost 6%.

On Tuesday, August 13, The Better Woman rose in their rating with 8.0% but wasn’t enough against The General’s Daughter ratings of 14.9% which is a 7% difference.

On Wednesday, August 14, The Better Woman garnered a rating of 8.1% while The General’s Daughter on 13.3% ratings.

On Thursday, August 15, the two shows had a 5% difference in ratings with The Better Woman getting 8.1% percent while ABS-CBN’s The General’s Daughter is running on 13.0% percent

On Friday, August 16, The Better Woman only got 8.0% while The General’s Daughter triumphantly won with 13.4%

Last week, The Better Woman’s Juliet (Andrea Torres) revealed that she was pregnant by her twin sister’s husband, Andrew (Derek Ramsay). Andrew denies that he is the father.

Despite the thrill of last week’s revelation of The Better Woman this didn’t help against The General’s Daughter.

While in The General’s Daughter last week, it focused on Rhian (Angel Locsin) and Franco’s (Paulo Avelino) quest to find solid evidence against Tiago (Tirso Cruz III) while the army is hunting them down.

Monday (August 12) The Better Woman 8.2% vs. The General’s Daughter 14%
Tuesday (August 13) The Better Woman 8.0% vs. The General’s Daughter 14.9%
Wednesday (August 14) The Better Woman 8.1% vs. The General’s Daughter 13.3%
Thursday (August 15) The Better Woman 8.1% vs. The General’s Daughter 13.0%
Friday (August 16) The Better Woman 8.0% vs. The General’s Daughter 13.4%


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