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Moira dela Torre talks about her botched nose job amid criticisms from bashers

  • Moira Dela Torre was criticized by viewers for being lethargic during the taping of Idol Philippines
  • The singer explained she had a medical issue after her rhinoplasty went wrong
  • Vice Ganda defended her from bashers

Moira dela Torre, one of the judges of Idol Philippines, was criticized by viewers for having low energy during the shooting of the said reality show.

Reacting to this criticisms, Moira explained that she struggled from health complications during that time resulting from a botched nose job.

“I’m 85 percent well,” the singer said during her Braver concert press conference last Tuesday, August 13.

“Well basically, may nagkamali. And my nose went on necrosis and it’s a very simple procedure. It’s non-invasive but it went wrong and hindi po siya naagapan agad because we had no idea what was happening,” Moira explained.

She underwent a non-invasive rhinoplasty for her nose about two months after her wedding to Jason Marvin Hernandez last January.

According to her, it took her almost three months of rest to recuperate her infected nose.

“So I was at high risk of being blind, of aneurysm, heart attack, and a stroke. And for almost three months, I was at home recovering because I was on house arrest. But I’m better now,” she said.

“God is good. I’m healed, I’m 85 percent healed and I feel like I’m a hundred percent healed internally. I feel like this whole season really made me so much braver,” Moira continued.

Moira then said that she decided not to file any complaints against the liable doctor since it was an unintentional mistake.

“Ayaw ko po, naaawa po ako e. Napatawad ko na rin naman po and I know that person did not mean to do that, so I’ve forgiven that person and we’re good. He helped me. That person helped me fix everything,” she answered.

Moira also said that she went through a rough patch during that time.

“It was really a tough season kasi ang dami kong nawalang trabaho, feeling ko dahil nasa gitna ng mukha ko ‘yun. Tapos ang dami pang sakit na sobrang high-risk ako. It wasn’t just my career that I was gonna lose. It was my life, you know, my eyesight, and I wouldn’t be able to see my husband.

“There’s so much fear that was building up, but at the same time that season, I feel like I became fearless after,” she said.

In the end, Moira was still thankful she survived the life-threatening illness.

Her fellow Idol Philippines judge, Vice Ganda, defended the singer from her bashers on his late-night show, Gandang Gabi Vice. He explained that her illness caused her to became lethargic during the show.

“During the time na nagta-tape po kami ng Idol Philippines, ang taas ng dosage nung drugs na tina-take ni Moira para hindi niya maramdaman ‘yung sakit na nararamdaman niya. Habang nagta-taping na kusang tumutulo ang luha niya at kailangan siyang painumin ng maraming gamot para ma-relieve yung pain at kumalma siya. Kaya ganon ang energy niya,” he explained.

“Pinagtatawanan at binash niyo siya nang hindi niyo alam na may nangyayaring hindi maganda sa kalusugan ni Moira. How dare you!” Vice said.

Moira’s concert titled Braver will take place this September 13 at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City.


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