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‘Eat Bulaga’ in a neck-and-neck battle with ‘It’s Showtime’; ‘Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko’ loses to rival show

  • It’s Showtime almost swept its rival shows Eat Bulaga and Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko for the week of August 19 to 23
  • The longest-running noontime variety show of GMA Network pulled an upset on Wednesday; a matter of .2% higher than its rival noontime variety show
  • Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko struggles to outscore its timeslot rival in the ratings game

Noontime variety shows Eat Bulaga and It’s Showtime have been pitted against each other for years with either show claiming the upper hand from time to time.

For the week of August 19 to 23, the Kapamilya noontime show swept Eat Bulaga in the battle of ratings. However, the Kapuso show pulled an upset on Wednesday by gaining .2% higher rating than It’s Showtime. Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko loses again to its timeslot rival.

For the week, Eat Bulaga featured the road to grand finals of its segment, EB ’80s Hits which ended on August 24 with ’80s Kidz taking home the title. The segment is part of their EB throwback where young dance groups groove to the beat of ’80s hits.

It’s Showtime, on the other hand, featured the grand finale of its segment, Mr. Q&A. The segment also concluded on August 24 with the crowning of Nikko Natividad.

Based on the numbers released by NUTAM, It’s Showtime almost swept off Eat Bulaga for the whole week, except for Wednesday where the latter scored .2% higher than the former.

Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko’s episodes for last week centered on the intense face-off between Naomi and Yvie. Naomi took over Yvie’s body to seduce and win back Gavin. However, despite the intense and horrific scenes, the show wasn’t able to pull off a higher rating.

Eat Bulaga and It’s Showtime tied on Monday, August 19 with 6.1%. However, Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko started the week with 4.8%, the lowest rating it got for the whole week.

On Tuesday, August 20, the Kapuso noontime program lost .1% from its previous rating while its rival show earned .1% more 6.0% and 6.2% respectively. GMA’s horror-drama series escalated its viewership rating up to 5.0%, still 1.2% lower than its timeslot rival.

Eat Bulaga made an upset by Wednesday garnering 6.2%, which is .2% higher than It’s Showtime‘s 6.0%. Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko soared even higher almost tying with its rival show with 5.7%.

On Thursday, It’s Showtime fared well in the ratings game gaining 6.5% audience share compared to Eat Bulaga‘s 6.0% and Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko’s 5.0%.

Here are the complete comparative ratings from AGB Nielsen NUTAM People Ratings for August 5 to 9, 2019.

Monday (August 19) Eat Bulaga 6.1% / Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko 4.8% vs. Its Showtime 6.1%
Tuesday (August 20) Eat Bulaga 6.0% / Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko 5.0% vs. Its Showtime 6.2%
Wednesday (August 21) Eat Bulaga 6.2% / Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko 5.7% vs. Its Showtime 6%
Thursday (August 22) Eat Bulaga 6.0% / Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko 5.0% vs. Its Showtime 6.3%


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