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Claudine Barretto reunited with Marjorie and Julia Barretto during visit with ailing father

The Barretto sisters reunion was shared by their brother Joaquin via an Instagram post.

  • The Barretto sisters reunited before father passed away.

Claudine Barretto, Marjorie Barretto, and Julia Barretto were reunited at the hospital to visit then ailing family patriarch Miguel Barretto.

The Barretto sisters reunion was shared by their brother Joaquin via an Instagram post.

Joaquin posted a candid photo of the Barrettos talking with each other in their father’s hospital room.

The Barretto sisters reunion (even though it was without Gretchen) was still a refreshing sight for their fans and supporters knowing the struggles that they’ve been through and a feud that has lasted many years.

Gretchen has been estranged from the family since 2013 after a feud with Claudine.

Claudine also had some misunderstandings with Marjorie during those times.

Just recently when the Julia-Gerald-Bea controversy broke out, the three sisters were again divided with Claudine and Gretchen siding with Bea and Marjorie left alone to defend her daughter Julia.


Meanwhile, soon after the family reunion, their family’s patriarch finally breathed his last.

On Tuesday, October 15, Claudine, Gretchen, and Marjories’s father Miguel Barretto passed away at the age of 82.

In an Instagram post, Claudine shared a video clip where their family were gathered around their father with the caption “We luv u dad”.

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We luv u Dad

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She also posted an Instagram story saying her goodbyes and how it hurts to lose their father.




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