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‘One Of The Baes’ scores twice against ‘The Killer Bride’ in NUTAM

NUTAM only gets their data from selected urban areas in the Philippines.

Despite having a very strong pre-programming, ‘The Killer Bride‘ continued to suffer from low ratings in NUTAM. From enjoying double-digit ratings in past weeks, ‘The Killer Bride’ dropped to its lowest rating of 7.8% while its rival show ‘One Of The Baes‘ hit 8.6%.

For this week, One Of The Baes‘ ratings has been consistently getting 8s in ratings having its highest of 8.6% last Thursday and its lowest of 8.4% last Tuesday.

Meanwhile, ‘The Killer Bride‘ started the week with 9.5% and ended with 10.0%, thanks to the finale rating of ‘The General’s Daughter‘ which got 18.0%.

In this week’s episode of ‘The Killer Bride,’ Fabio decides to delay his work schedule to travel back to the Philippines upon learning about Emma’s whereabouts. Because of this, Emma rushes to Manila with Camila, leaving Manay Ichu puzzled with her sudden departure. Meanwhile, Ivan tries to convince Felipe to publicize their relationship. Felipe, however, has something different in mind to protect his reputation. Elsewhere, Vito informs Alejandro of his suspicions on Felipe’s scandal and Mr. Justino’s murder.

Due to Emma’s sudden departure, Elias grows worried that his confession was the reason behind it. As Fabio leaves, Camila and Emma make their return to Las Espadas. Upon their arrival, Camila makes it her job to keep an eye on Elias and his activities. Meanwhile, Felipe’s facade begins to crumble under the pressure of his worsening reputation in town. In the aftermath of her nightmare, Camila finds herself distressed as her memories begin to eat away at her.

Here are the NUTAM People Ratings from September 30 to October 4:

Monday (September 30) One of the Baes 8.5% vs. The Killer Bride 9.5%
Tuesday (October 1) One of the Baes 8.4% vs. The Killer Bride 7.8%
Wednesday (October 2) One of the Baes 8.6% vs. The Killer Bride 8.4%
Thursday (October 3) One of the Baes 8.8% vs. The Killer Bride 9.9%
Friday (October 4) One of the Baes 8.7% vs. The Killer Bride 10.0%


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