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Catriona Gray’s ex Clint Bondad trends over several cryptic posts on Instagram

Some of Clint’s IG stories highlights include him posting three consecutive posts saying that there’s no need to worry because he is only the ‘ex’.

Model-actor Clint Bondad has been the top-trending topic on Twitter Philippines after he posted several ‘cryptic’ posts on his Instagram story.

Clint trended soon after he posted a screenshot of his direct message to Sam Milby who is currently in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. Clint messaged Sam asking him to if he wanted to Clint’s ‘client’.

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In the following days, Clint has been posting short, random, and seemingly disturbing messages in his Instagram story that had netizens worrying about his welfare. People are speculating that Clint may have been fighting a silent battle after breaking up with Catriona. Some people think that he was just deeply affected and still trying to move on but some are also interpreting his posts as a cry for help.

Some of Clint’s IG stories highlights include him posting three consecutive posts saying that there’s no need to worry because he is only the ‘ex’.

No description available.No description available.

Catriona and Clint ended their relationship after six years of being together. Clint said that their relationship was over even before Catriona won Miss Universe. He said that it was his fault that he and Catriona started to have issues, that he started to blame things around him for what he was going through.

Taking the blame for everything, Clint said, “I am truly the only one who can be blamed for anything and everything. I failed because the control was always with me all along. I just realized it too late. She knew I would rather go through complete death of my own persona than accept failure…”

It has been confirmed that Sam and Catriona are dating when Sam posted on Instagram a polaroid of him kissing the Miss Universe 2018 titleholder on the forehead on his 36th birthday in May.

“Worth every second of the wait. Most special birthday yet,” Sam wrote.

Clint Bondad also posted that ‘dating app’ is not equivalent to ‘church’ referring to how Sam and Catriona met as both of them go to the same church.

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He posted about how he is a hacker and there have been theories online from the people that Clint was able to hack Sam’s Instagram and saw something thus explaining his continuous cryptic posts.

No description available.No description available.

A photo showing Clint wearing headphones with the caption “SawSam” raised speculations from netizens. People have been saying that Clint saw or heard something about Sam on his Instagram. His posts continue to confuse the people and have been encouraging them to crack the codes that Clint has been continuously posting.

Clint posted on how he thinks that people are seeing him as the ‘virus’ right now for he is the ex. Many people have been saying that Clint is just being jealous and bitter of Catriona’s relationship with Sam. That he can’t accept the fact that their relationship was over and was just pouring out his emotions through a series of posts on Instagram.

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Also, his post about the countdown could mean that he is about to reveal something once the timer ends. And people are waiting for the “tea” or the revelations he’s accordingly cryptic about to be revealed.

While some of Clint’s posts are random, some of them contained the word “Sam” although it is unclear what he’s actually pertaining to.

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The following are some of the screenshots of Bondad’s posts.


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