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John Lapus, Chie Filomeno, Vance Larena react to Harry Roque’s claim that ABS-CBN franchise rejection is ‘decision of the Filipino people’

This earned different reactions from netizens who vehemently opposed Roque’s claim.

After ABS-CBN’s bid for a franchise renewal was rejected, netizens were worried about the crackdown on the press freedom considering the government just shuttered the biggest network in the country.

But according to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, the rejection of the ABS-CBN franchise was the “decision of the Filipino people,”

This earned different reactions from netizens who vehemently opposed Roque’s claim.

Comedian John Lapus laughed as he retweeted Rappler’s tweet about Roque. “Hahahaha Gaga!”

Dead Kids’ Vance Larenareacted with a GIF with a curse word.

Kapamilya star Chienna Filomeno called him out for his lie. “HAAAA? How do you sleep when you lie to us? 👋🏻”

Contrary to what Roque claimed, an overwhelming four Filipinos out of five believe that Congress should renew the legislative franchise of ABS-CBN, while more than half of the Filipinos saw the eventual non-renewal as a blow to freedom of the press in the country, according to a Social Weather Station survey.

Past surveys have shown that the network is generally highly respected by the Filipinos, SWS said in its latest data report.

LionhearTV also conducted its own survey through our Facebook page, showing a large number of 349 angry reactions, showing their disappointment at the decision of the Congress to reject the renewal of ABS-CBN ‘s franchise.

Rawr Nation Live Reaction

RAWR nation, anong masasabi mo sa naging resulta ng botohan para sa renewal ng franchise ng ABS-CBN?Ibahagi ang inyong opinion gamit ang mga reactions…

Posted by LionhearTV on Friday, July 10, 2020

In a vote of 70 against 11, ABS-CBN failed to win the votes of the legislative franchise committee members.

The country’s Human Rights Commission expressed concern over the denial of the franchise.

“CHR continues to stress the importance of timely, credible information in pushing everyone towards the correct direction in responding especially to a pandemic,”

A majority vote of 44 was required to pass a resolution rejecting the company’s franchise, but with an overwhelming majority of 70 lawmakers voted to deny the network a new franchise it will cause 11,000 workers to lose their jobs in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.


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