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LOOK: Marvin Agustin and Markki Stroem’s sleeping photo goes viral

Is the intimate viral photo of Marvin and Markki real or fake?

Actors Marvin Agustin and Markki Stroem once more trended as speculations that they have a romantic relationship started up after a photo of them lying in bed together circulated online.

The photo shows Markki smiling at the camera while Marvin who seemed sleeping was leaning on the former’s body.

Back in 2018, rumors romantically linking the two already surfaced on social media after they where spotted traveling together.

The allegations were strengthened with posted photos taken in the same place and testimonies of netizens who supposedly have spotted them together on several occasions.

However, both of them denied the assumptions and clarified that they are just business partners and good friends.

Markki in a previous interview stated, “He’s my friend, we do business together, so we’ve been working together for a while… Dati… kasi we’re friends. We’re just friends.

“None, because I’d like to focus on work. Some people are called to be married, some people are called to be single, and I’m called to be single. I’m still young.” he added.

While Marvin during a past press conference answered, “He’s a good friend.”

“Twenty-two years na ako dito, wala na yatang makakapagpapikon sa akin,” he added.

Marvin even clarified his statement with a quote implying to not assume things and first know the facts.

“Before you assume, learn the facts. Before you judge, understand why. Before you hurt someone, feel. Before you speak, think.”

Whatever may be the real score between them many have already shown their support and love for the two.

Markki Stroem stars in a 6-episode (BL) Boys Love series titled Unlocked, a story directed by Adolf Alix Jr. that will showcase a gay relationship under lockdown. It streams on @ gagaoolala.official, the only LGBTQ dedicated online streaming service in Southeast Asia.

According to Director Alix, the series is about: “A heartbroken man hires a prostitute to help him cope with loneliness, a long-term gay couple need to reevaluate their relationship after being forced to be together 24/7, a single mother is trying to connect with her lover who is a nurse in the US, an elder professor reflects on his life after his young neighbor knocks on the door, a teenage boy comes of age and realizes about his real self during lockdown, a man alone in his apartment experiences a breakdown.”


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