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How about bad boys? Maymay Entrata talks about her ideal guy

Maymay also noted that if the guy is willing to change, she would give him a chance.

In a press conference for The Four Bad Boys and Me, Maymay Entrata revealed her standards and how she deals with bad boys.

Maymay said that she believes that every woman has their standards when it comes to the right guy.

“Tayong mga babae naniniwala ako may sinet na tayong mga standards. Para sa sa akin nakaset na yun di mahirap mag eliminate,” said Maymay

When asked what was Maymay’s process of elimination if she would ever come across four bad boys, she said that she would not waste time on them especially because of her background.

“Di ako ganun sir, kapag nakita kong bad boy silang apat wala ng chance nun. Kasi di ba lumaki ako sa broken family bat ko pa sasayangin yung oras ko para baguhin yung mga bad boy eh laki na nga ako dun. So eliminate yung apat,” said Maymay.

Maymay also noted that if the guy is willing to change, she would give him a chance.

“Pero kung willing magbago pag nakikita ko naman na willing mag bago, why not?” Maymay noted.

When asked if she misses being in a relationship, she was reluctant to answer but noted that she has an ideal age when it comes to her ideal guy.

“Yung love life anjan lang naman yun darating naman yun. Tsaka bata pa ko 23 pa ko. Meron pa kong mga 5 years to find my the one,” said Maymay.

Maymay Entrata portrays the role of DJ Zari in the digital series, Listen to Love: The Four Bad Boys and Me. The digital series streams via Star Cinema’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel, every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm.

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