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Sharifa Akeel breaks silence, challenges basher to take complaints to court

2018 Miss Asia Pacific winner Sharifa Akeel broke her silence and reacted to the series of Instagram stories posted by the legal wife of Cong. Toto Mangudadatu, Mylene Mangudadatu.

Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 Sharifa Areef Mohammad Omar Akeel called out her ‘basher’ via a Facebook post.

In her Facebook post, last Friday, August 28, 2020, Akeel broke her silence and implied that the wife of Cong. Toto Mangudadatu, Mylene Mangudadatu, was constantly bashing her on social media via her Instagram stories.

The Former Miss Asia Pacific retaliated against the series of scathing Instagram stories on Mylene’s Instagram account.

Akeel said that the Instagram stories were all lies and were counterproductive to the Mylene’s initiative of women empowerment.

“You feel perfectly entitled to push boundaries, lie, and criticize. How dare you shout for women empowerment when you don’t even know how to empower your own. You can never be an idol of women because all you say is TRASH,” said Akeel.

Akeel also called Mylene out on her use of religion to justify her actions against the 2018 Miss Asia Pacific winner.

“One more thing, NEVER EVER USE ISLAM RELIGION as part of your defense because I know that you are ignorant in it,” Akeel added.

She urged Mylene to express her allegations at the correct venue and to take her complaints to court.

“Again, if you are really brave enough, don’t do the fighting over social media. We have the right place and proper venue to do such. You really want to see me behind bars then proceed to court and flaunt all your evidence, if there are. Express all your agony, hatred, and false accusations in court. I will see you there!,” said Akeel.

To Miss Desperada, I am not tearing you down. You are the one bad-mouthing me, right, yet I remained silent after all…

Posted by Sharifa Akeel on Friday, August 28, 2020

Mylene Mangudadatu has been posting a series of stories on her Instagram listing her allegations against Akeel.

In her most recent Instagram story, Mylene highlighted that she is currently formulating legal actions she can take against the Former Miss Asia Pacific.

In June 2020, Mrs. Mylene Mangudadatu came to Raffy Tulfo’s radio program asking for Tulfo’s help regarding the alleged affair of Cong. Toto Mangungudatu and Sharifa Akeel.


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