Kyd the Band releases his new ep ‘Season 3: The Realization’

Kyd the Band (aka Devin Guisande) releases his new genre-bending EP ‘Season 3: The Realization’.

Kyd the Band (aka Devin Guisande) releases his new genre-bending EP ‘Season 3: The Realization’. The body of work is a sincere expression of Kyd the Band’s vulnerability, self-reflection, and ultimate realization.

“I feel like I’m finally realizing who I am as a person and an artist, and why. I feel like I’m finally starting to accept it.” Guisande says. “For a long time I wanted to ignore that I’m the son of a preacher and that faith and all of my personal experiences in the church (whether negative or positive) are all that made me into who I am. I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of and that used to torture me every day, and I’ve done a lot of things I am proud of, but I’m realizing that’s all a part of life. I’m realizing that the people that I love are what matter most in my life.”

The lead single lifted off the Season 3: The Realization is “Make It In America” – produced by Mark Nilan (Lady Gaga, Zedd) – and is one of the most personal releases in Devin Guisande’s story. At 16 years old, Guisande and his family lost everything they owned due to the 2008 economic crash. Devin admits that this life event impacted how he viewed success and led him to questioning the true meaning of life. He states “That pivotal moment opened my eyes to how easily money can come and go and what’s actually important.” A track that is both triumphant and inspiring, Kyd The Band reminds us that making it in America isn’t everything and what matters most are your loved ones.


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