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Legaspi Twins Cassy and Mavy bukingan time: Get to know the Legaspi Twins, who’s OC and who binges Netflix

When asked their hidden talents that they would like to reveal, both said that they excel in sports. They also noted that they are both varsity players in their schools.

In their exclusive interview with LionhearTV, twins Cassy and Mavy Legaspi answered a set of questions revealing more about themselves.

Who is a snitch?

When asked who is a snitch amongst the two Cassy, immediately points to Mavy.

[Points to Mavy] Dati pa, C’mon, said Cassy.

“Yung term na sumbungero parang such a sumbungero parang hindi yun. It’s always me kasi opening up first about a mistake. So parang nagiging sumbungero kasi instead of they won’t find out, naa-admit ko eh yung mistake. Tapos damay damay na si Cassy. So ayun parang nagiging sumbungero siya,” said Mavy.

Then Mavy explained that their family has no secrets from each other.

“I think that’s the reason why na talagang Legaspi Fam ka, that was kahit parents ko sila barkada ko rin. I’m not the type, were not the type na may secrets from the Fam. So parang nagiging sumbungero ganon,” Mavy added.

Who is Maarte?

When asked who between the two is maarte, Cassy pointed to Mavy. Mavy then explained that it’s more of him being OC when it comes to a schedule, neatness, and fashion sense.

Yung arte kasi na, siguro yung nasa isip nya as OC-ness. Yan yung OC, arte sa schedule, arte sa linis, arte sa fashion sense ganon. I really take it from my mom. Pero hindi yung arte na talagang ‘ewww’ ‘yuckie yan’ di yung ganong klase ng arteng ganon,” said Mavy.

Who showers less?

When asked who showers less often than the other, Mavy immediately pointed to Cassy to which she agreed. She then pointed out that she’s clean and she doesn’t have body odor.

Yeah, Malinis naman ako. Wala akong B.O. Mabango naman ako guys,” said Cassy.

Mavy then points out how Cassy’s daily routine goes explaining that Cassy often stays in bed when she wakes up and takes a shower after a workout.

“Si Cassy ganto, yung paggising nya dun lang sya sa bed. And then, magwoworkout na sya before dinner, so after work out ligo na sya. And then tulog tapos, then gising nasa bed pa rin sya, work out, ligo, dinner, tulog, ganon si Cassy. Ako kasi paggising, boom Ligo. Then parang I got it from my Dad kasi sobrang, we love the water,” Mavy narrated.

Who focuses on their studies?

When asked who is more studious, both agreed that they focus on their studies in different ways. Mavy then pointed out that Cassy studies on the topic discussed during the online class, while he usually reads in advance.

“Yung way of study nya kasi parang, OK let’s just review this and let’s call it a night. Ako kasi yung parang medyo advanced yung mga readings. Si Cassy kasi whatever needs to be read, yan lang babasahin nya, cause that’s what you need for that day di ba? Ako kasi masyadong over study. Nung high school, pero nung college ‘you just need to relax at college, you need to relax,” said Mavy.

Who has more time for gadgets?

When asked who has more time for gadgets, Mavy pointed to Cassy to which she retorted. Then, Mavy explained that Cassy binge-watches Netflix for hours compared to him who takes breaks in between games.

“Gadgets? Di ako nagcocomputer ha,” Cassy retorted.

“Si Cassy kasi ma-Netflix sya,” said Mavy.

“Ah. Yeah, True true. Aw shucks oo nga no counted pala yun. Ay!” Cassy agreed.

“Machika sa barkada, so ako kasi yung PC na games tapos, napapagod din yung mata. So nagbre-break ka ng two hours to three hours. So you’re just at home walking around, sitting at the dining table, whatever. Si Cassy kasi, no matter what. Cellphone, Laptop, si Cassy yun,” Mavy narrated.

Who sleeps late?

When asked who among them sleeps late, Cassy revealed that she used to sleep late but pointed to Mavy revealing that he has been staying up late recently.

“Ngayon, dati ako, pero ngayon, Oh my gosh!” said Cassy while pointing to Mavy.

Mavy then explained that he naps in the afternoon which helps him stay up late.

“Kasi ito yung reason kasi. So di ba paggising mo kagad. Ako online classes kaagad. So is Cassy. So pagdating ng hapon magna-nap ako or magwowork out. Tapos yung nap na yun it gives you so much energy through out the night. So dun na ako nagga-gaming through out the whole night tapos late na natutulog,” said Mavy.

Who texts a lot?

When asked who texts a lot, Mavy pointed to Cassy revealing that she chats with her friends often. He also added that he has been anti-social during the pandemic.

“Best friends, mahilig sya magchat. Ako this quarantine talaga ano, anti-social,” said Mavy.

Who is a better singer?

When asked who sings better, the two debated initially, but Mavy ended up agreeing that Cassy sings better. He also explained that he does sing in the shower.

“Hindi si Cassy, si Cassy. Ako pag naliligo sa shower, yun talaga banat. Yan yung Class A singing. Pero pag lumabas na ng shower wala na kong boses,” said Mavy.

Hidden Talent?

When asked their hidden talents that they would like to reveal, both said that they excel in sports. They also noted that they are both varsity players in their schools.

“I think, baka sports like publicly ha. Sports like volleyball. Kasi palagi akong minemention na oh. I play volleyball pero no one’s ever seen me play,” said Cassy.

“Kami kasi ni Cassy, varsity players, varsity players ng school so siyempre I guess it’s really something that you can’t show to the public cause di naman yan on TV. Di naman yung games na yun on TV unless professional basketball or professional volleyball so I guess yun,” said Mavy.

Mavy and Cassy are the twins of celebrities Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villarroel.


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