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With P-Pop’s popularity, Vice Ganda thinks it’s time to define the Filipino genre

A genre that could describe Filipinos when it comes to music style

It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda has something to say regarding the rise of Pinoy Pop or P-Pop.

In relation to the growing popularity of Pinoy pop music, the Filipino group SB19 made the genre soar even higher. Now, with the country gaining more P-Pop groups, such as BGYO who just had their debut last January 29, more Filipinos are getting hooked on Pinoy pop music.

Also, with MNL48 returning to the music scene and the upcoming debuts of groups BINI and ALAMAT, as well as the 1st.One’s continuous recognition from fellow Filipinos, will this be the perfect time to define the genre?

During the noontime show’s segment “Tawag ng Tanghalan” virtual media conference, the comedian gave his thoughts on the growing popularity of P-Pop.

According to Vice, it is about time to establish the Filipino genre.

“I think it is about time to define what P-Pop is,” said Vice.

Moreover, the comedian compared the rise of P-Pop groups to the journey of the Korean boyband BTS where the group never strayed away from their style. Though he stressed that many came first in terms of their music style, the K-Pop group was the chosen one in popularizing the genre.

“…kasi katulad ng K-pop, yung BTS, meron silang kulay, meron silang tunog na unique. Tapos pinanindigan nila, hindi nila binago. Hindi sila nakipagsabayan. Hindi naman BTS ang nagsimula nun eh. Pero katulad ng mga nagsimula dati, pinanindigan nila yung tunog ng K-Pop. Hanggang sa dumating yung BTS. BTS ang nakasulat sa tadhana eh, panahon to ng BTS. At tsaka yung mga sinimulan nung mga naunang performers, eh tinuldukan at nirealize ng BTS. So, original yung tunog ng K-Pop.”

Though there have been many Filipino groups that keep on introducing and revitalizing P-Pop, Vice Ganda thinks that there would come a group that would define P-Pop as a whole.

“So yung P-pop parang ganun din dapat. It may not be very successful now, pero kailangan na nating mag-start na i-define o ire-define yung tunog ng OPM o P-Pop. And eventually merong isang grupo na nakasulat na titindig para sa sinimulan ng mga nauna,” the comedian said.

Right now, SB19 is at the top of the list showcasing P-Pop. Still, with various groups emerging, will any of them be the one to represent Filipino pop music to the world or will it be SB19?

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