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Kris Aquino: Willing to ‘Go to War’ to Protect Josh, Bimby

The 50-year-old actress-host emphasized how she is ‘willing to go to war’ to protect her two sons.

Over the past weeks, the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, became the subject of malicious and controversial issues. Kris recently defended her sons, Josh and Bimby against bullying and fake news that surfaced online.

Her eldest son, Josh, 25, diagnosed with autism as a child, was rumored to have impregnated a woman in Tarlac, where he is currently staying. While Aquino’s youngest son, Bimby, 13, was the target of bullying when some netizens teased him for allegedly being gay.

As a mother, she’s always there for her two sons when they needed her the most. However, some Netizens were prompted to look for Josh and Bimby’s fathers, actor Philip Salvador and PBA star James Yap.

They wanted that both Philip and James to take the stand and protect their children along with Kris. 

Some netizens also shared their frustration at how they were unaffected and preferred to stay silent about the issues until now.

Moreover, a netizen argued that James would not protect Bimby from the bullying because he was the one who started about his son’s sexuality in the first place. Philip, on the other hand, would only thank Kris for raising his son, Josh.

The Queen of All Media has reached the end of her patience.

Kris once again responded to the rumors about her two sons.

In a 25-minute tell-all video posted on her social media accounts on March 21, she maintained that nothing would stop her from protecting her sons.

According to Kris, she came out to break her silence to protect her children, who have no one other than her as their mother.

“After my time thinking, luminaw, I was being tested. Na-pinpoint kasi what’s my vulnerability. It’s simple. It’s how much I love my sons. Alam kasi ng lahat na ako lang ang mayroon sila.

“I am exhausted from reading comments na ‘ignore them’ or ‘choose your battles.’ Please I ask you, I know you mean well but please do not decide for me because they are not your sons. Ako ang nanay nila. So, I made my choice,” she said.

The 50-year-old actress-host emphasized how she is ‘willing to go to war’ to protect her two sons because, “Hindi nila fault that they cannot count on their fathers. Hindi nila choice na ang nanay nila, ang apelyido Aquino.”

“Hindi nila kasalanan that the lies about my family will continue until history gets completely re-written.”


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