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Dimples Romana drew inspiration for her restaurant biz from her fascination for food in teleserye ‘Only You’

She also recounted her Kapampangan roots and how the teleserye help her way of cooking grew more sophisticated.

Dimples Romana started a new business inspired by her fascination for food from teleserye, Only You.

In our exclusive interview with Romana for RAWR Nation, she recalled her role as Dina, a restaurateur that brought out her inner food savvy.

“Alam mo hindi ko pa nga alam yung term na yun until, of course, we did the teleserye. Kasi yung time na yun ano sya, eh si Dina talaga restauratuer doon eh.

“Parang very ano sya, very food-savvy sya. And, dun ko lang naisip na, ah yun pala yun. And as you know, we learn through time naman with our experiences.”

She also recounted her Kapampangan roots and how the teleserye help her way of cooking grew more sophisticated.

“And ako kasi, I’m Kapampangan so, you can imagine the way we cook. Tinatantsa namin yung ano, di ba? Like the way we cook, tatantsahin, titimplahin mo and si Mama kasi lumaki ako na kapag magluluto sya kung anong meron sa ano namin sa eskaparate namin yun ang kinukuha ko eh. 

“Eventually, it just grew to a more, I guess not really sophisticated, but more distinct kind of experience lang for me as a ‘foodie.’ Ah, ito pala yung mga gusto kong flavors. Ito pala yung i-push.”

Then, she highlighted her first restaurant, Alegria Singapura, and her future businesses such as Alegria Manila, Cafe Alegria, and Hacienda Alegria.

“Ang Alegria Singapura is actually a part of team Alegria. We also have, of course, Cafe Alegria, we also have Alegria Manila, we also have others here no, Hacienda Alegria, which is coming. 

“But right now, thankfully, we were able to launch Alegria Singapura–this is our first one. And hopefully, sana, not the last. It’s the first one outside of the country.”

She also added that it was nice to cater to Filipinos in Singapore through her restaurant Alegria Singapura. 

Romana also said that they are following standard health protocols.

“As you know, dito kasi sa atin, paiba-iba pa yung rules natin so, of course, we have to follow that. Sa Singapore kasi medyo mas maluwag na sila. They get to have dine-ins, and you know, of course, following protocols pa din. 

“It’s nice that we get to cater to a country that has lots of Filipinos as well. As you know, in Singapore, maraming mga kababayan tayong mga Pilipino na nadun din na nagtratrabaho at may mga pamilya na doon.”

Romana and her husband Boyet Ahmee announced the launch of Alegria in Teck Lim Road Singapore in January 2021. The restaurant will serve non-traditional Latin-Asian plates with the spirit of Filipino festivity.

“We’re serving a non-traditional Latin-Asian fusion kind of cuisine. But, as you know, because we are Filipinos, you will always know that there is a spirit of ‘festive’ and being celebratory in terms of our little victories in life.”

Romana starred as Dina Javier in the teleserye Only You in 2009. Her more recent roles were Daniela in Kadenang Ginto and Babaylan in Bagani.


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