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Alex Gonzaga’s vlog on ‘A Day in the Life’ of Leni Robredo reveals a more intimate, truthful persona of the Vice President

Netizens praise Alex Gonzaga’s vlog about VP Leni Robredo, the entry reaches 1.9 million views

Any clout put in a good way–it will earn praises and inspiration and can even transform the viewers.

Such is the case on the latest vlog by Alex Gonzaga is doing to the online world.

Alex on Saturday, April 3 has uploaded her latest vlog featuring Vice President Robredo and a day in her life at the Office of the Vice President.

Titled Mama Leni for a Day, the vlog instantly sends positive waves online. Many netizens praised VP Leni’s efforts and the vlog as a good opportunity to showcase who the Vice President really is.

Netizen @nashainadruz meanwhile wondered where’s the hate against VP Leni is coming from. According to her, after she watched the vlog–it revealed that Robredo is so kind and there’s nothing to hate about her.

One netizen even said that Alex’s vlog proved that Robredo has a ‘huge’ online following contrary to the DDS nation’s claims about VP’s image.

Another netizen meanwhile lauded Robredo for having an economics and law degree saying it’s a perfect combination.

Other netizens meanwhile, highlighted Robredo’s hard work as a public servant when the vlog tackled Robredo’s work even on weekends and holidays.

Another netizen also related to the vlog saying Alex’s calling the VP as mom highlighted Leni’s caring persona that can calm a nation burdened with so many problems.

There’s a netizen also, @russelmatthew_who shared comments from Youtube where-in former DDS or those who hate Leni being transformed after watching the video.

And there’s also one who shared how he connected with the VP when Alex brought up her late husband Jesse Robredo, which according to the netizen was touching and showed the ‘real’ VP as humble and compassionate.

Meanwhile, aside from positive comments about the VP, Netizens also praised Alex for the vlog.

Netizens were happy to see Alex, who was presumed to be DDS giving the Vice President free publicity and a platform to showcase her work at the OVP and her real persona far from what the DDS is portraying about her.

Currently, the video has already reached 1.9 million views after just a day of uploading with more than 133 thousand positive reactions.


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