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Amid the mourning of PNoy’s passing, GMA News clarifies the publication of ‘From Yolanda to Mamasapano, Aquino admin had share of flaws’

Furious netizens, lambasted GMA News’ explanation on their controversial PNoy article.

Furious netizens lambasted GMA News’ explanation of their controversial PNoy article.

After claiming to be a Philippine network with the highest brand trust score, GMA Network is currently at the center of controversy following their controversial article about President Noynoy Aquino’s blunders.

Netizens slammed GMA News for its insensitivity in publishing such articles, given the country is still mourning the former president’s death.

While GMA News already clarified that the article was part of a series, netizens still didn’t buy their explanation and slammed them for being distasteful.

Social Media personality @krizzy_kalerqui called out GMA News for its bad timing, adding they should have focused their energy more on reporting the abuses and incompetence of the current administration. Still, instead, they kowtowed with Duterte when they deleted the juiciest portions on Joseph Morong’s report regarding the admin’s bungled pandemic response.

“Cyst, wala naman problem sa article because you are just stating a fact. The timing makes it bad. Where is the same energy for the Duterte administration. Had you not deleted Joseph Morong’s fact-checking of Duterte mayble people would accept this at hindi ka ma stress ngayon.”

Lawyer and social media personality Christopher Lao meanwhile called GMA News a “junk masquerading as journalism.”

@marryyelle also blasted GMA News, saying they could have shown done decency given the current situation.

Other netizens, meanwhile, all agree that the network’s explanation is non-sense and that they are just trying to salvage their tainted credibility.

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