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Marian Rivera, to have a movie with Korean actor Kim Seon-ho?

Someone reasoned that Rivera is too young to play the role of Kim’s mother.

Rumors spread online that Marian Rivera was the choice to portray Kim Seon-ho’s Filipino mother in his first-ever movie titled Sad Tropical.

The film’s synopsis follows the story of a young man who dreams of becoming a boxing champion. Kim Seon-ho will pursue finding his Korean biological father, who has abandoned him and his Filipino mother for a long time.

As rumors have it, the Kapuso Primetime Queen will portray the mother.

Fans of the Kapuso actress are [extremely] excited over the unverified statements of Rivera working with the Korean actor.

The netizens have shared their excitement on various social media platforms.

A user tried to validate that the rumors are not rumors, but for real.

A fan also shared that she is excited to see Rivera on the big screen with the Korean actor amid the unverified news.

Someone stated that Yeong Jung Hoon would portray Kim’s father.

An account begged to make the project happen.

Someone shared being happy over Rivera’s joining Kim’s project and said that the Kapuso actress is talented and stunning.

Another expressed being speechless if the buzz were true.

An account was shocked why Rivera would be portraying the role of Kim’s mother since the ages of the two actors are two years apart.

Someone reasoned that Rivera is too young to play the role of Kim’s mother.

Another account got surprised about the rumors.

We’ll see then…


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