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Barbie Imperial cleared out how Diego Loyzaga got his hand injury!

Imperial wondered why netizens were quick to assume that Gaza was pertaining to them.

Barbie Imperial explained how his boyfriend Diego Loyzaga got his hand wounded and said the latter had an accident during his gym workout.

During an interview on November 25, Imperial admitted she was the one who rushed her boyfriend to the hospital for him to get his hand treated.

Allegations surfaced that the two had a heated fight in a hotel which caused Loyzaga to have a hand injury.

“Nung time na na-aksidente si Diego, dapat uuwi na ako. Tapos tinawagan ko ‘yung kuya ko, sabi ko, hindi ako makakauwi kasi dinala ko sa hospital si Diego. Tapos sabi ng kuya ko, ‘Ano nangyari?’ ganito ganyan. Tapos nung okay na si Diego, pumunta siya dito sa house ko tapos pinakita niya kay kuya ‘yung tahi ng kamay niya,” Imperial narrated.

On November 18, via a facebook post, Xian Gaza posted a blind item that a celebrity couple had a ‘huge’ fight in Hotel Escala Tagaytay.

“Parang ang labo na ipapag-connect mo lang ‘yung photos tapos may ganito lang sa hand, may pasa. Bakit hindi ba ako pwedeng magkapasa sa ibang bagay?… So kami ni Diego hindi na kami naapektuhan.”

Imperial wondered why netizens were quick to assume that Gaza was pertaining to them.

“Naawa ako kay Diego kasi lahat ginagawa niya para sa akin tapos siya pa ‘yung napagbintangan na may ginagawang mali sa akin. Na nag-cheat siya, ganito, ganyan. Parang hindi, eh. Hindi ganung klaseng tao si Diego. Hindi talaga.”

Imperial defended her boyfriend, saying that Loyzaga is not the kind of person who would harm and cheat on her.

Directed by Fifth Solomon, Dulo–the film that Loyzaga and Imperial are part of will be available for streaming starting December 10 on Vivamax. Be sure to check it out.

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