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Wil Dasovich acknowledged what he learned about time, its value

He then acknowledged the impact of his busy life on his time for his family, friends, and loved ones.

During the media conference for Seize the Sunrise with Seiko Philippines on January 11, vlogger and content creator Wil Dasovich shared what he learned about the value of time.

“The lesson here is, you can continue to go out and live the adventure and [kind of] satisfy your life. But it’s also important to allocate time to your loved ones. Because something that I learned as well through the pandemic, through everything we’ve been through when it comes to health scares, is that one of the most important things in life is relationships.”

He then revealed how busy he got in the recent years when he became a vlogger.

“Managing a business while you’re traveling and creating content ’cause traveling is hard for people. Creating content while you’re traveling makes it three to four times harder, and then managing a business in between makes it five or six times harder.

“People always ask, ‘how come you did everything just on your own. Is that sustainable?’ And I realize now that managing six people is as hard as doing it on your own.”

He then acknowledged the impact of his busy life on his time for his family, friends, and loved ones.

“Aside from managing my business, what is happening, I also need to manage relationships with family, with friends, and with loved ones. 

“Because the longer you’re not talking to someone, if you’re not there, if you’re not completely present, people might take that as a miscommunication. That you don’t like them, that you don’t care about them because you’re in a different place, and you’re preoccupied with [kind of] living in the moment and with what you’re doing.”

Besides his vlogs, Dasovich is also known for traveling while creating content which includes tourist diving spots.

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They also unveiled four additional releases in the Seiko Prospex collection.

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