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PIE Channel to deliver fun and interactive shows to its viewers

The prizes for PIE’s game shows will be dispersed via Gcash and vouchers.

On Wednesday, May 18, the first-ever real-time interactive channel, Pinoy Interactive Entertainment (PIE) will soon be launched to introduce a new era of watching entertainment.

ABS-CBN, KROMA Entertainment, and 917Ventures collaborated on this project to bring their viewers immersed in each of their shows.

“We joined forces with 917Ventures and KROMA for their ecosystem of unique solutions, expertise and technology, and distribution scale. Combining these with our expertise and content creation, we are ushering in a new and one-of-a-kind format for TV and digital entertainment that is designed to celebrate the fun and joy that Pinoys love,” said Digital ABS-CBN Head Jamie Lopez.

Starting May 23, PIE will allow Filipinos to personally partake, in the comfort of their homes, or across their devices, in their programs.

Each of its shows has its own “PIE-twist,” meaning it will be interactive.

“Well, definitely fun, fresh, engaging shows in different formats. From game shows, talent and variety, teleseryes, all created with a PIE twist of being interactive to make sure that our audience gets immersed in the content,” revealed Lopez.

“There are many more shows launching this May 23rd but one thing’s for sure, they will all be highly interactive and rewarding at the same time,” he added. “Viewers will not just get to enjoy the entertainment but can also take home prizes, cash man iyan, experiences, or connections.”

On its launch date, starting at 7 a.m., PIE will bring relevant information, inspiring stories, and positive energy through PIESILOG. It will be hosted by “Mayora” Frances Cabatuando of the Home Buddies Facebook community together with Sela Guia, Tristan Ramirez, Raco Ruiz, Jae Miranda, and Eryka Lucas.

For its noontime show, BARANGAY PIE will deliver news in amusing and witty ways. It’s jocks or hosts are Tito Mong Mayor, Abby Trinidad, Ruth Paga, Sunshine Teodoro, Inah Evans, Patsy Reyes, and Coco Cordero.

PIE will also bring a one-of-a-kind variety show called PIEGALINGAN. It is not the usual game show full of celebrities but of those personalities that do not enjoy much spotlight—extras or stunt doubles. Ralph Malibunas, Sam Bernardo, and Eris Aragoza will be its host.

In bringing the interactive in PIE, ABS-CBN, KROMA Entertainment, and 917Ventures created PIENALO, in which viewers could bring numerous prizes just by watching through their devices and TV sets. Eian Rances, Nicki Morena, Kevin Montillano, and well-loved chef Ninong Ry are its jocks.

The prizes for PIE’s game shows will be dispersed via Gcash and vouchers.

The classic Pera o Bayong will return with its interactive format as well. Content creators also have the opportunity to shine in Palong Follow, with the help of the viewers, of course.

Viewers also get to enjoy modern Pinoy stories through PIE Night Long. The first-ever interactive teleserye Uzi lets viewers dictate what happens next in the story just by voting on the available choices.

Alex Asuncion, PIE Programming and Operations Head, said, “Definitely, since galing sa iba’t-ibang platforms yung ating jocks, hosts, mayroon tayong Kapamilya representatives.

“So nandiyan ang ating mga PBB ex-housemates. Si Samantha Bernardo na bumalik ngayon sa loob ng bahay, we have Eian Ransces, and of course, we Karen (Bordador) among other Star Magic artists na makikilala niyo rin.

“Kasama nila of course yung galing sa NYMA from KROMA, and yung mga kasama nating content creators from different digital platforms.”

PIE’s demographic, according to Head of Broadcast and Publishing Group KROMA Entertainment Jill Go, the channel is for the “young and young-at-heart.”

“Statistically, in the Philippines, I think 53% of the audience is aged 23-24. It’s primarily the reason why that’s the bull’s eye target market. But as mentioned, this is for the young at heart.

“So it’s for everyone. But I guess in terms of tonality, we are taking a look, let’s say, the center of gravity, but we make sure that everybody’s welcome for PIE.”

Asuncion added, “In terms of content naman, we really designed our formats, and our shows, to really cater to the young and young at heart. So kung ano yung behavior ng mga millenials and millenials at heart, iyon ang pinasok nating elements sa ating content, sa ating formats.”

Meanwhile, to ensure success in bringing immersive content to Filipinos, Ian Monsod, CEO of KROMA, revealed that PIE has huge funding from its stakeholders.

“Well, we can’t get too specific. But I can just say that the stakeholders of PIE are putting a good baseline of resources to ensure its success,” he shared. “We will progressively elaborate and improve the product as we continue to improve the content experience based on the clamor and feedback of the audience.”

To watch PIE Channel beginning on May 23, viewers can simply rescan their digital boxes. Through partner station BEAM, it will be available across Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Zamboanga, Naga, Baguio, and nearby provinces.

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