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TV5 official statement on Deniece Cornejo’s Instagram post

This Instagram post of the controversial Deniece Cornejo, 22-year-old student who accused Vhong Navarro attempted rape, angered netizens assuming that TV5 supports Deniece. Below is the official statement of the network regarding Deniece’s claims.

Here’s the official statement from TV5:

TV5 Management wishes to clarify that the posting of Deniece Cornejo on her Instagram account last March 21 does not reflect the Network’s position on her legal situation. TV5 adheres to fair and honest reporting and remains neutral on matters that are being decided by the courts.

TV5’s research team requested for an off-camera interview with Ms Cornejo to substantiate / verify a statement made by her grandmother, Florencia Cornejo, who was a guest in the program, FACE THE PEOPLE.

The show’s topic delved on the stigma of being a Cornejo and the apparent discrimination that their family is experiencing from the general public.

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