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Sunshine Cruz accused Cesar Montano performing licentious act

Last week, Sunshine Cruz filed a complaint for Anti Violence Against Women and Their Children Act or R.A 9262 in Quezon City Regional Trial Court against former husband Cesar Montano that he allegedly performed the licentious act in front of his daughter who are minor at age. And yesterday, Cesar vehemently denied the accusation of her estranged wife through an official statement sent to StarTalk host Ricky Lo.

“I may not have been a perfect husband but I am most definitely not a monster father. I am grossly disheartened with Sunshine in using our innocent daughters to suit her own ulterior motive.” part of the official statement said. “While we are threshing out our proper relations in connection with the pending cases we have filed against each other, she is dragging our children to gain leverage on me,” Montano added. Though the former partners is having a hard time dealing with each other, Montano said, he doesn’t want his daughters to be implicated in the case.


“I must hasten to say that it greatly exasperates me to hear that Sunshine filed a complaint against me and immediately thereafter went to the media to announce to the public that a case has been filed against me. Her lawyer even had the temerity to discuss the  merits of the complaint. Sunshine and her lawyer should realize that the complaint involves our own daughters. As I understand it, the law on Violence Against Women and Children shields the minors, our daughters at that, from public embarrassment, humiliation and ridicule. Don’t they realize that they have exposed our daughters to these kind of situation?” also stated on the official statement.


Cesar is willing to give the assets that Sunshine is asking for him but he is still begging the ex-wife to omit his daughter to the lawsuit.

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