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AlDub outnumbers KathNiel on Twitter-Universe

With the traditional rivalry of TV shows colliding between two similar shows like between two teleseryes on the primetime or between two variety shows on the noontime.

It was a surprise to see uprising experimental love team became a phenomenal trend placed on an airtime of a noontime show.


As a comparison, the young love team Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s debut on the hit series “Pangako Sa ’Yo” remake set a record-breaking number of tweets on Twitter.

Thousands of fans all over the country set a record of 1.61 million tweets last June 5 2015 episode until midnight of June 6, 2015, when the two characters appeared together in an episode with the hashtag #PSYYnaAtAngelo.


It was then a tried and tested “formula” where love teams have gained the highest viewership on a primetime slot on TV programming.

In contrast, the unexpected experimentation of the longest running noontime show “Eat Bulaga” has built an overwhelming hype over the so called “Kalyeserye” where they created the fictional love team now popularly called #AlDub featuring the Youtube dubsmash sensation Maine Mendoza as Yaya Dub, and heartthrob Alden Richards as her fictional crush.

It was a game-changing move from the said noontime show to experiment a romantic flick in a live skit format as one of its segment. As a result, these romantic flick creates a large following at social media networks.


Last August 22, 2015 episode, the oppressed character of Yaya Dub is set to marry in a fixed marriage by her grandmother, Lola Nidora played by Wally Bayola, to the third-wheel character Frankie Arinoli, played by Jose Manalo, setting to end the hopes of a “happy-ever-after” for the #AlDub love team.

The sympathy spread like wildfire all throughout the twitter universe where it has overwhelmingly set an unexpected record of 2.15 million tweets, with the hashtag #ALDUBAgainstALLODDS.


The risk of the noontime show’s gamble on the loveteam’s experimentation paid-off well, creating a different trend on a noontime show’s programming format.

Twitter’s take on TV Ratings

According to Peter Kafka of, Twitter keeps trying to convince the TV programs that they should work with Twitter. Data from Twitter partner Nielsen, which indicates that TV shows that generated a lot of Twitter activity before they premiere generated good ratings. The most important factor, Nielsen said, was how much these TV shows were promoted on TV. But after it it made a trending activity in Twitter, Nielsen says its predictions’ accuracy increased from 48 percent to 65 percent. See chart below;


Can Twitter matter over TV ratings? The answer may directly be “no” well, for now. According to, “To be clear, the findings do not necessarily mean that Twitter TV activity causes larger audience sizes,” writes the unnamed author of the Nielsen post. It may be an indication that Twitter is not a major factor that can drive eyeballs to shows but what Twitter can do for other benefits are more engagement or higher recall of shows (and commercials).

But why does Twitter still matters? In an article from, “TV advertisers could use Twitter data to get a better handle on the way TV shows will perform in advance — and, in a less direct way, telling TV programmers to make sure they get a lot of people Tweeting about their shows.”


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