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Sexy star RR Enriquez reacts on breastfeeding in public: “Put something to cover your private part”

Sexy Star RR Enriquez took Instagram to give her reactions regarding the issue pertaining to a mom who was denied by an employee at Portland Marshalls to breastfreed in a dressing room.

According to her Instagram post, she felt sorry for the mom, Karina Gomez, that the latter went through an ’embarrasing’ situation to nurse-in the baby in a store bathroom instead.

Though the 29-year old TV personality was in apologetic tone, she cleared that there’s a proper way for feeding the baby, which is to use breastfeeding cover while doing it.

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“I want to believe there’s a proper way to breastfeed.. And there is a cover for that (I forgot the name) so that no one can see your private part while you’re breastfeeding.”

Enriquez reiterated that a mother who doesn’t use nursing cover for breastfeeding her child in public is such wrong thing to do .

Photo Source from: Playboy Magazine
Photo Source from: Playboy Magazine

“If you are in a restaurant and need to feed your baby and if you don’t put something to cover your private part then I guess that’s not right.

“I hate seeing women who do not do the proper way of breastfeeding especially in public,” she added.

Meanwhile, her profile is currently unavailable where her ‘intriguing’ opinion was firstly seen but a screenshot photo was secured and shared by beauty blogger Shen Gee on Instagram.

Screengrab photo from: Shen Gee Instagram
Screengrab photo from: Shen Gee Instagram

Her post has earned ire from netizens citing that her comment is quite ‘ironic’ knowing that she’s been known for flaunting her sexy body in TV shows and stripping down to bra and panties for men magazine covers.

As one commenter said, “Now, look who’s talking about covering their private parts in pubic? I am not yet a mom but my blood gets high by what she has said.”

@mommypehpot said, ” Is there a proper way for covering up her private parts in TV? oh wait, there’s a cover for that! and it’s called clothes.”

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