Kris Aquino best advice to mistresses – “Just don’t!”

From the success of her movie Feng Shui 2 last year, the Queen of all Media Kris Aquino is set for another exiting and  most expensive movie of the year, “Etiquette For Mistresses.” Kris Aquino will play the character of Georgia Torres, who follow the rules, looks and carries herself in a certain way. She also refuses to acknowledge that she was weak. Georgia felt she knew all the answers. One strength of her character would have to be her ability to say things the way it is.


Last September 23, 2015, Kris held her solo bloggers’ conference to talk more about the movie and her character. She started talking about the production design, about how she shared her vision for the overall look of the film. All her successful movies with director  Chito Rono, they call it ‘color palette’. There is a corresponding color for her wardrobe on each character (Green for Feng Shui and Earth-tone for Sukob).

“In this movie, because Georgia’s a chef, we used white. She knew she was not pure, but she wanted the world to believe she was pure,” Kris said. She also revealed that all accessories they used in the movie were all personal things since they are presenting a rich lifestyle. And when it comes to movie locations, it is visually a feast.  This is what makes the movie the best expensive so far.


Kris doesn’t want to have a misinterpretation of the movie as well. She made clear that this is not the condemnation of women. “The journey of the mistresses is the journey every woman takes,” Kris clarified. And the best advice she can give to a woman who wants to be a mistress, “Just don’t! One life taught us is, you cannot win over everybody. But those who are for you, take care of them because they are a lot. Love with open eyes.”

Etiquette for Mistresses showing on September 30, 2015 in cinemas nationwide. They will be having global opening also on October 1 – Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait), October 2 – North America (US and Canada), October 3 – Austria, October 4 – Milan and Rome, October 3 and 4 – London, UK, October 3, 4 and 11 – Paris, France, October 18 – Singapore, and October 18 or 25 – Hongkong.


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