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Yael Yuzon slams bashers to Vice Ganda’s kiss with Karylle

Oh yes! The Spongecola’s vocalist Yael Yuzon slammed the bashers in Twitter regarding Vice Ganda’s lip-locking with his wife Karylle. It looks like that the husband is to the rescue and will not just let his wife be a subject to a negative conversation. Just like a loving partner who knew how to give a smart fight.

It started when a Twitter user, @KingOfP1rates posted a statement regarding the kissing incident yesterday in “It’s Showtime” Animversary Kick-off party in Araneta. The incident happened when Vice had a production number dressed like a man. During the performance, while singing Katy Perry’s “I kissed a Girl”, he then went to Karylle and kissed her on the lips… twice!


Some saw it as an entertainment, but some netizens saw it as an immoral since Karylle is a married woman. And the first person that comes to their mind was Karylle’s husband. They wanted to get Yael’s opinion about the incident and they didn’t fail to get answers.


Yael patiently answers everyone in the Twitter.  He even clarified that his silence (at first), doesn’t mean anything because it didn’t bother him. Nevertheless, he admits that he didn’t permit any such. See his reply below:

It is obvious in Yael’s reply that he is taking everything in a professional way. He like it or not, one thing for sure is that he understands why it happened. It is just that some people are narrow-minded in interpreting things in life.





Would it be the end of ViceRylle? Share your thoughts about it!



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