Did you know that Angelica Jane Yap aka Pastillas girl is an AlDub fan?

Prior to her first appearance in “It’s Showtime!”, the 20-year old sensation, who became viral because of her bitter Pastillas video, admitted that AlDub makes her heart aflutter.

In her tweet dated September 5, 2015, she said it was her first time to watch AlDub and felt smitten about their chemistry quickly.


Another post that she wrote showed her concern to the better half of Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub when the latter fainted and rushed to the hospital during the supossed wedding of her and Frankie Arinoli, portrayed by comedian/host Jose Manalo.


She also took pride in tweeting posts related to AlDub. Truly she couldn’t get over of AlDub craze.

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Not only did she retweeted the post of Maine but Yap also agreed on Lola Nidora’s teaching lessons about life.

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Some AlDub fans got delighted upon knowing that Pastillas girl supports their idol.

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Why hate her? She’s also a fan like you! No to bashing, yes to sending positive vibes!



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