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Martin Andanar welcomes everyone to the most active and fastest podcast in the Philippines, it was launch way back August 2, 2014 and in just 10 months of its service he was able to prepare 21 independent programs along with other independent podcast content creators in the Philippines.

It has number of plays in a week with a total count of 250,000. Due to his belief that podcast is the future of broadcasting, the Founder at the same time Developer of Martin Adanar covers general topic from relationship, horror stories, reviews and news.

martin podcast

Great Features

Some of the great features of are the following that will make you definitely hooked!

podcast dot ph

• Listeners do not have to missed even single program in Podcast, you can simply click and listen to your favourite program anytime and anywhere.
• It has a library of Historic Speeches, Declarations of Early Presidents of the Philippines, Ideologies. This is great for students and history enthusiasts who would like to backtrack.
• offers Music for everyone both local and foreign songs best while working, studying and relaxing.

Martin also added a strong point regarding to his podcast, “You don’t need to be a licensed broadcaster to be in a podcast. Much like a blog, you can be your own writer and publisher at the same time but you must still subject it to the laws such as: Cybercrime Law and Libel.”

The 41-year old Media Man provides some programs that will make you stay tuned all throughout the day:

1. Real Ghost Hunt (Mystery) – listen to the horrifying horror stories even at day, this program will absolutely give you chills and you would not want to go out of your room for the stories come with special effects as you listen.
2. The George Review (Motoring) – for the listeners who are very fond of motors and cars has everything in line with you. Expect realistic and unbiased reviews in “The George Review”
3. Health Podcast (Wellness)- to keep and get you back in shape both in physical and internal this is probably the most convenient program you can listen whenever you are in need to be conscious to your health.
4. Advocacies are also part of the where ASEAN Minor Projects are available on the site.
5. Soapbox Spotlight- this is the only place where you can listen to everybody’s opinion. encourages everyone in the country to send them audio that will discuss their own ideas and to get a chance to be listened by others.

Unlike any other regular podcasting site, uses a very modern utility facility equipped with professional audio equipment such as: Shure microphones, Sennheiser headsets and Mac computers.

All programs in are on-demand and for your convenience, there are no commercial breaks at all. Available in ITunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, Podomatic and Clammr.


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