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Liza Diño says President-elect Rodrigo Duterte should apologize for catcalling Mariz Umali

Actress Liza Diño, a known supporter of Duterte, took to social media air her sentiments over President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s catcalling issue with GMA News reporter Mariz Umali. For her, Duterte should apologize for catcalling a female reporter during a press conference that aired on national television.

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Liza Dino supports Rodrigo Duterte

In her Facebook post on Friday (June 3), Liza said Duterte’s wolf-whistling at Mariz Umali was “inappropriate” and warranted an apology. “In the same way that I defend him by using his context—HIS CONTEXT—as his defense to get away with misinterpretations, it is the very same reason why I believe that what he did to Mariz Umali is inappropriate,” Diño wrote.

“Whether what he did in his own perspective is intentional or not, the fact that the receiver felt it was IMPROPER should be enough reason to warrant an apology. Not necessarily because she was ‘harassed,’ or she was ‘sexually abused’ but because she was OFFENDED. Kahit hindi sinasadya, naoffend sya, so nararapat lang na humingi sya ng dispensa,” she added.

Diño said she was asked by her followers on social media on what she would if she was in Mariz’s shoes, to which she replied: “Well, IF I find it offensive, then I would call him out for it on the spot.”

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Rodrigo Duterte catcalls Mariz Umali

Liza is the daughter of Martin Diño, whom Duterte replaced as the standard bearer of PDP-Laban during the presidential elections.

Read Liza Diño’s full statement below:

Liza Dino reacts on Duterte catcalling Mariz Umali


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