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WATCH: Carabao runs amok in Ozamiz City

A video of the carabao running through the crowd is now getting viral after it was uploaded on the Facebook page of Mindanaoan Broadcasting Channel. ABS-CBN News reported that there were four people injured after a carabao got startled when the drums started playing during the celebration of of the Feast for the Virgin of Cotta on Subanen Festival in Ozamiz City on July 16 (Saturday).

Police Chief Inspector Richard Catipay said they had no choice but to shoot the carabao to prevent further damage.

According to the page, the carabao was supposed to be a part of the props of La Salle University for the street dancing.

Subanen Festival in Ozamiz City is a week-long trade fair/street dancing depict songs, dances and other forms of simulated social expression of the rich Subanon cultural heritage


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