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Guy in Chokoleit’s Kissing Video Says He is Not Ashamed of His Actions

Chokoleit’s kissing “scandal” has once again showed Filipino’s expertises—being crab-minded, judgmental and bandwagoner.


Facebook was once a great site for Filipinos… until Free Facebook was introduced by the nation’s two largest telecommunication networks to some mangmang righteous Pinoys out there. Thus, the social media site became a dump site for all of us who are striving hard to be the best (at least in a virtual world).

Recently, a viral video of the comedian host Chokoleit has gone viral as he was seen torridly kissing a guy in the club. The 1-minute video is enough to transform SATANIC “saintly” and “virtuous” Filipinos into a faultfinder one.

Because judging and insulting someone is our forte, John Benedict Martinez, the guy who kissed Chokoleit, became the latest victim of cyber bullying from his own “kababayans.”

After judging watching the video, the gullible Filipinos believed in a made-up story that Martinez “surrendered his dignity” (according to insekyoras out there) for the sake of iPhone 7.


A made-up screenshot is still circulating the internet until now, that even picked up the story and made an article about it.

In fact, the photo of Martinez was taken 7 months ago, contrary to idiotic post that his selfie was taken by the iPhone 7.

In light to this, a screenshot from his Facebook was provided by Martinez on his Instagram. Courtesy of the blog Fashion Pulis, it was revealed that no one forced him to kiss Chokoleit.


He wrote on his Facebook: “Thanks po sa lahat ng nag memessage at nag papakita ng concern. Sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam. Wala naman ako pakielam sa sinasabi nila. Wala naman ako inapakang tao di ba? Lahat naman ng tao pantay pantay. Hindi ba pwedeng halikan ang kagaya ni chocoleit? Wag naman nila ipagkait yung ikaliligaya ng isang tao. Ang no one forced me to do that at hindi ko to ikinakahiya. Im happy kasi mas dumami yung kaibigan ko.”

As usual, some NEGAtrons went to his Instagram to express their grossness over the video.

For example, a user under @phzone said: “Eewwww.. Bisexual ako pero kahit kailan hindi ako papatol sa kanya.. Nakakadiri.”


Wow ha? Ang gwapo mo namang punyeta ka. Baka mas gwapo pa ang etits ko sa’yo. Tigil-tigialn mo ako, ulol! ‘Barbie’ ka? Kung maka-eeew ka, wagas. Sabagay, cannibalism or lesbianism ‘yon ‘pag pumatol ang ‘Barbie’ sa isa pang ‘Barbie’ na si Chokoleit. Gaga! (I’m sorry; I was carried away with this issue.)


In a positive note, there are few Filipinos who still support Martinez and Chokoleit. Because… let me ask you, do you feel aggravated while watching the “scandal?” Or, are you so “pogi” or “maganda” to talk shit about Chokoleit and his guy? If you think you’re so perfect like there are no black heads attached in your flat and oily nose, then you have no right to treat them like insects. Otherwise, learn how to respect like the way you want to be respected.

I feel so sorry for Benedict and Chokoleit. They were judged by millions of Filipinos without considering their feelings. Well, what shall we do? Nasa Pilipinas tayo—the land of self-righteous and perfect Filipinos; the bashing capital of the world… the universe, rather.


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