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BLIND ITEM: Two personalities rumored to be a gay couple?

Social media has some good and bad effects to people using it. In the last 2 years, it became our “daily need” and we could not help but to use it daily!

However, online bullying and invasion of privacy became common as SNS sites become bigger. Hence, being cautious on what you post is the key to prevent someone from invading your privacy— especially if you are a closeted gay and a known personality.

so gay

Speaking of “gay,” these two guys were rumored to be lovers. The speculation erupted when they uploaded their photos while posing at the same place in their respective SNS accounts.

The actor and the public figure spent vacation in other country. The public figure would post his photos in the same background where the actor was seen posing in his social media account, and vice versa.

However, the actor forgot to turn off his location service on his smartphone; leading his followers to see the exact places where the photos were taken.


Coincidentally, actually, this is not coincidences, it happened many times and anyone who will visit their social media accounts will notice big similarities in their photos—same background, same place and same day—but what’s more intriguing was that they didn’t pose together in one picture. This act signals their “secret relationship,” according to bisexual communities.

This incident would not happen if they learn how to control from posting and filtering their audience in their accounts.

Do you want some clue? They have abs. And they’re of course… yummy!


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