Maxene Magalona is not expecting a grand wedding

Actress Maxene Magalona and her now fiance Rob Mananquil got engaged last Valentines Day and they are now going through all the shenanigans of getting married.

According to Maxene, all the wedding planning are already helping her to become a mature partner. She sees them as training grounds to prepare her for the next chapter of her life.

“The decision-making, the planning, the stressful days, how you handle stress, it will really help you and groom you to become a mom and a wife eventually.

“And I guess, you just gonna have to take it na as a learning experience.

“Planning for the wedding is a practice for when we’re actually married kasi every decision about the wedding, we’re both in it together.”

The couple haven’t decided where the ceremony should take place. One thing’s for sure, it has got to be in the Philippines because Maxene’s father, rap icon Francis Magalona, loved his country very much.

“Para sa tatay ko na maka-Pilipino, dito po ako ikakasal.

“I still want my dad, kahit papaano to be a part of the wedding, and feeling ko dahil andito siya nakalibing, gusto ko dito talaga.

“My dad’s love for the country is talaga so great. So talagang gusto ko dito ako ikakasal.”

What’s her dream wedding?

“As a girl yata talaga, it’s innate in us to have that fantasy wedding.

“You can’t help it, especially with all the Disney princesses that we grew up watching, and you dream of that dream wedding.”

However, as she aged, her preferences changed. Maxene cited all the weddings she participated into in showbiz but she never quite wanted something like that for herself.

“…Ako, I’ve been married on TV how many times, but honestly, I’ve never had that one dream wedding.

“I guess, little bits and pieces, but not like a theme that I have in mind.”

Now, Maxene is proud to admit that she’d rather be practical. After all, it is who you are going to get married with now where and how.

“This is just the first step, you also have to think about your expenses after you get married.

“So I guess, having a dream wedding, it’s not just about the theme, but I guess it’s about the love that you share with your partner.

“And I always dreamed of the true-love kind, the love that’s true.

“I guess that’s the most important thing, and I’m getting that from Rob.

“So no matter what theme we have, what kind of wedding we have, it’s what’s going to happen after, that’s what I’m more excited about.

“I guess my dream wedding would have to be a ‘true love-themed wedding.'”

Maxene also encourages bride-to-bes like her to think more conveniently when it comes to preparations. She advices them to look for resources that are within the reach and accessible.


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