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Will Nadine Lustre be joining James Reid in “Pedro Penduko?”

  • James Reid has already confirmed that he will be starring in the remake of ‘Pedro Penduko’. 
  • However, it still remains a question if Nadine Lustre will be starring in the movie. 

With the announcement of James Reid’s portrayal of “Pedro Penduko,” fans cannot help but ask: Will Nadine Lustre be in the movie too?

Nadine shared in an interview with Darla Sauler that she has been told of her possible roles. However, there are no final confirmation just yet. “Sabi nila Maria Makiling daw, sabi ni Boss Vic sa akin,” shared Nadine.

Being the supportive girlfriend that she is, Nadine said she will be there to support James. The actress adds that she’s willing to work on the project even if it’s just a cameo role.

On the other hand, Darla also asked adine about her controversial social media hiatus. According to Nadine, she wanted to detached herself in social media on purpose. She also revealed that she enjoyed her time away from Instagram and Twitter.

Would you like to see Nadine in the upcoming “Pedro Penduko” movie? Share you thoughts in the comments.


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