Filipino celebrities who conquered the ‘Angel of Death’

  • The angel of death or what Filipinos call sundo, is the last thing we want to see because it will take our life and never give it back
  • While some were unlucky and died early, there were others who aced their sundos and lived a long life.

The deaths of celebrities are the kind that stays and never easily forgotten. People mourn the lives of their idols that’s why when a local artists passes away, it is much-publicized. Likewise, when they survive or cheat death, the audience also deems it notable.

There were a handful of reports in the past showing a famous TV personality suffering sickness, or an accident. Although what they went through was tough and almost inescapable, they amazingly managed to get over it and live their second lives on earth.

We have gathered a short list of those Filipino celebrities who conquered their angels of death:

Angelica Panganiban

In 2014, the “Banana Sundae” star Angelica Panganiban, figured in a car accident along EDSA-Greenhills. She was inside her then brand-new Mazda car and accidentally hit a taxi while attempting to turn right in Annapolis.

Sharon Cuneta 

It was in 2013 when Megastar Sharon Cuneta got involved in a vehicular accident. She was on her way home from taping when all of a sudden a speeding car from her right hit her van. Fortunately, they only suffered minor injuries. Sharon admitted that the incident caused her a shock.

Richard Gutierrez

The “La Luna Sangre” villain also had his fair share of bad encounters. Richard Gutierrez caught himself in a car accident back in 2009 while on his way home from work. His sports car crashed on the road of Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road in Puting Kahoy village in Silang, Cavite. Sadly, his assistant died after being rushed to the hospital. Richard and his bodyguard only had minor body injuries and survived.

Vandolph Quizon

The “Comedy King” Dolphy’s son and fellow celebrity Vandolph Quizon was someone prone to road accidents. He had been through them in the past. The most latest was in 2015 when his black Fortuner figured in an accident along Sucat road injuring a motorcycle rider.

Maritoni Fernandez

The veteran actress once shared her experience with breast cancer through an interview with GMA Network, “I was diagnosed at 30, then my treatments ended when I was 31; I really thought I was gonna die because I didn’t know anyone who had survived it. I didn’t know anyone my age who had survived it. So imagine, I was 31 years old and the first thing that entered my mind pa back then was… I’m gonna die younger than Jesus! Because really! Jesus died at 33, and I was only 31! I was like, how can that be? I haven’t even begun to live!”

After her survival, she admitted that it was not that easy to come back to her old habits. She was scared that somehow the cancer will find it’s way back in her body. Fortunately, it’s been more than a decade and she remain healthy.

It’s always nice to hear how one person can conquer a great battle or obstacle in his/her life, right? Got any more stories to tell like these? Tell us in the comments section!



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