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Megan Young and Laura Lehmann deny ‘camp wars’ after Rachel Peters’ loss

  • Miss World 2013 Megan Young and Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann denied claims on camp wars.
  • They both asked to put a stop on wars between Kagandahang Flores pageant camp and Aces and Queens. 
  • Netizens also reacted positively on both of their tweets.

Miss World 2013 and Miss World Philippines 2017 denied the allegations that Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters’ loss was a result of ‘pageant camp wars’ in the Philippines.

Megan Young reacted on Twitter last November 26, Sunday. She stated that she was proud of Rachel then, denied the camp wars allegations.

“Rachel, you made us proud. Now, let’s stop these “camp wars”. There is no such thing amongst us. Yes, we train with different groups but we respect one another and we give our support however we can. It is always #ForThePhilippines 🇵🇭

Laura Lehmann quoted Megan’s tweet with her own thoughts on said camp wars:

“Filipinas support Filipinas. Regardless of camp. Regardless of organization. We are always stronger when we are united. 🙂 💙🇵🇭

Netizens reacted both positively and negatively to both tweets.

On Megan’s tweet, one netizen just thinks that Rachel wasn’t just confident enough.

“I think she just lacked bigness on stage compared to the other ladies. Her aura said it all. She seemed smaller than she really is!”

Then, another netizen said that the only thing that would stop the said wars is to make the organization to show the tally sheet.

“The only thing that would stop this chaos is for MUO to show the tally sheet or scorecards if all the top 10 candidates.”

Another netizen also replied that they have their full respect for Megan.

“You have my full respect since @meganbata. Thanks for speaking up! #ForThePhilippines”

A netizen replied about the mentality of Filipinos.

“i cannot believe the mentality of some people here. who competed? why is pia getting the judgment? rachel did not make it. she did her best but just did not make it to the cut. and each of the top 5 was better compared to her. that is all to it. let us not be sore losers.”

On Laura’s tweet, a netizen praised every queen even without their crowns.

“And with or without those crowns, all of you are the queens for us, Filipinos! ❤️🇵🇭

Another netizen was happy that people like them represent their country.

“Love ya’ll girls. You just did great to represent our country. Mwaah!!! still PH is the best.”

Reina Hispanoamericana Wynwyn Marquez also spoke about the said issue on Twitter last November 28, Tuesday.

“Some pinoys are really confusing. If matalo, dami sinisisi daming nasasabi. If manalo naman, dami padin nasasabi kesho ganito kasi kaya ganun. Mahirap ba maging positive can we atleast try? kaya naman diba?”




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