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Rachel Peters learns a lesson on trust when a photo of her evening gown for Miss Universe goes viral

  • A photo of Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters’ evening gown circulated the internet.
  • Rachel posted the lesson she learned on her Instagram story.
  • She also thanked the person on teaching her a lesson.

Miss Universe face tension now more than ever.

A photo of Miss Haiti crying and obviously, in dire need of privacy went viral. The caption of the said photo stated that she was pregnant which was a criteria for disqualification. The media affairs team of Miss Universe Organization confirmed that Miss Haiti is not pregnant and is still in the competition.

The organization grew sad that her private moment had gone publicized. According to Jack Shahinian of the Miss Universe Organization:

On background, this is completely false. It is unfortunate that this was posted when a contestant was clearly in need of privacy,”

However, Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters also face tension on her own journey to getting the crown. A photo of the evening gown she was supposed to use for the coronation night went viral.

Rachel released a statement on her Instagram story last November 23, Thursday. She addressed and thanked the person who leaked her photos for teaching her a lesson.

To whoever leaked pictures of my evening gown, thank you for teaching me a lesson about being more careful who you trust. Not sure what your intentions were but no matter what, you’re not dragging me down. At the end of the day it’s not about the dress you wear, how you walk or even the element of surprise. What’s important is that you are kind and true to yourself… that’s when a girl truly shines!



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