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Remember these local scary TV programs?

  • During the early 90’s to 2000’s we as kids were always frightened by the ghost hunting TV shows and late night horror stories
  • This list will bring back the terror and at the same time give you a rush of nostalgia

Whether they were played in daylight or primetime, these local scary TV shows in the past indeed frightened the hell out of us as kids. The classic white lady, engkantos, duwendes, were the enemies of our childhood.

It’s that time of the year again that we bring back the goosebumps in celebration of the halloween! Get yourselves ready for trip back in memory lane as we recall the Pinoy Horror programs you were so afraid of before:

Nginiig! (2003)

Headlined by Raymond Bagatsing, this top-rated reality horror series of ABS-CBN was notable for its unique attack. Raymond acted as a spirit questor who sought justice for those disturbed spirits that can go past the light.

Midnight DJ (2008)

This show ran for a long time due to positive feedbacks. It has been the Filipinos daily dose of scary stories in the past. The program became the evening source of entertainment as the audience get to peek at history’s unsolved deaths and mysteries.

It originally starred Paolo Contis until he was replaced by Oyo Boy Sotto after six months.

E.S.P. (2008)

Iza Calzado was the leading character in this horror-drama serye aired in GMA Network. The plot follows a beauty queen turned investigative journalist got involved in a murder case of her boss and later on in a car accident. When she woke up the next day, she lost her memory and started to see the spirits of the dead.

Wag Kukurap (2004)

Like “Nginiig,” this was also a one-man horror program starring Dingdong Dantes. It revealed and retold true paranormal stories from the famous collections of True Philippine Ghost Stories and Haunted Philippines.

Oka Tokat! (1997)

This program was the very first horror series in the Philippine television brought by the Kapamilya network. It featured a mixture of horror and comedy in their stories that’s why it’s loved by Filipino viewers. It starred Agot Isidro who played the character of Rona Catacutan, a journalist on a mission to investigate and solve mysteries that seem to always find their way to her.

It ran until 2002.

Spirits (2005)

This show was also memorable for Filipinos as it starred then teen celebrities Red (Rayver Cruz), Gabby (Maja Salvador), Lloyd (John Wayne Sace), Liz (Serena Dalrymple), Nato (Jiro Manio), Thor (Mico Aytona), Jesse (Joseph Bitangcol), and Maya (Michelle Madrigal). The story was about a group of friends carrying different supernatural powers.

Philippine Scariest Challenge (2008)

A reality-based thriller show was offered by TV5 hosted by Jomari Yllana and Cheska Litton. Together, the two unexplainable horror stories of their audience and even celebrity guests. They also have them venture to places known to have paranormal activities like the military camp in Pampanga, mystical cave in Antipolo, abandoned villas in Rizal and Bulacan, North Cemetery and a monastery in Batangas.

Pinoy Thriller (1980s)

Pinoy Thriller delved on ghosts, lost souls, kapres and tikbalangs. It featured horror shows surrounding those creatures. Remember their famous chant?:

Ano ang nasa dako paroon
Bunga ng malilikot na pag iisip
O halaw sa isang daigdig ng Kababalaghan
Di Kayang Ipaliwanag
Ngunit alam mong magaganap

Magandang Gabi Bayan (1988)

The oldest and scariest of them all goes to Noli De Castro’s classic flagship show “Magandang Gabi Bayan.” Although it only airs for an “All Saints Day” special, we never miss a single episode of this haunted series that despite its fright, was always irresistible.


Tell us which one was your favorite! 


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