AGB Nielsen NUTAM: Top 10 Most Watched Pilot Episodes of 2017

2017 is another unique story for Pinoy viewers, especially for the ratings war fanatics.

This year AGB Nielsen used two different ratings category, the AGB Nielsen NUTAM Household from January – March, and AGB Nielsen NUTAM People from April onwards.

And while there were different speculations with regards to the switch, 2017 was still a colorful year in terms of TV ratings war.

And so before we close this year, LionhearTV will again give you the rundown of the 10 most watched pilot episodes of 2017. The list below was ranked based on their AGB Nielsen NUTAM People’s numbers.

10. I Can See Your Voice (September 16) – 7.7%

Hosted by Luis Manzano with his SOCO (Sing of the Crime Operatives), this Korean franchise program debuted last September 16 with 7.7% ratings.


9. Celebrity Bluff (June 3) – 9.0%

After taking a break, Celebrity Bluff came back last June 3, 20417 with a ratings of 9.0%.

8. Kambal Karibal (November 27) | Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko (April 30) – 8.5%

Replacing Alyas Robin Hood, BiGuel’s Kambal Karibal started airing on November 27 with a ratings of 8.5%.

And tying with Kamba Karibal at number 8 is Kapuso’s kids’ fantasy program Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko which had its opening telecast last April 30, 2017 with a ratings of 8.5%.

7. All Star Videoke (September 3) – 8.9%

Hosted by Betong and Solenn Heussaff, All Star Videoke debuted last September 3, 2017, scoring 8.9% ratings.

6. Super Ma’am (September 18) – 9.5%

Marian Rivera’s comeback as a lead in primetime, Super Ma’am got an initial rating of 9.5% during its premiere last September 18, 2017.

5. Alyas Robin Hood 2 (August 14) – 10.7%

After the controversial book 1, Alyas Robin Hood came back with its book 2 on August 14, 2017, piloting with a rating of 10.7%.

4. My Love From The Star (May 29) – 11.0%

The Pinoy adaptation of Koreanovela’s My Love Fron The Star which starred Jennylyn Mercado and Gil Cuerva piloted last May 29, 2017, with a rating of 11.0%.

3. La Luna Sangre (June 19) – 11.5%

The much-anticipated installment of the Kapamilya vampire series, KathNiels La Luna Sangre debuted last June 19, 2017, with opening ratings of 11.5%.

2. Little Big Shots (August 12) | Mulawin vs Ravena (May 22) – 12.2%

Hosted by Billy Crawford, this Kapamilya talent showcase program started airing last August 12, 2017, with the ratings of 12.2%.

And joining Little Big Shots in the number 2 spot is GMA Network’s Mulawin vs Ravena which premiered on May 22, 2017, with the same ratings of 12.2%.

1. The Voice Teens (April 16) – 13.0%

And the most watched pilot episode in 2017 is ABS-CBN’s The Voice Teens. Premiered on April 16, 2017, the formidable Kapamilya singing competition garnered a pilot rating of 13.0%.

Here’s the list again of this year’s most watch pilot episodes based on AGB NUTAN People survey.

Meanwhile here are the shows which almost made it. The 11th – 15th most watched pilot episodes of 2017.

11. I Heart Davao (June 26) – 7.4%

12. Tadhana (May 20) – 6.9%

13. My KoreanJagiya (August 21) – 6.6%

14. Lethal Weapon (June 10) – 6.5%

15. The Good Son (September 25) – 6.3%

And for reference here are the 10 most watched pilot episodes of 2017 based on AGB Nielsen Household ratings.



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