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Bimby Aquino Yap reacts on people calling him homosexual

  • Kris Aquino uploaded a recent video touring viewers to the Aquinos’ new home.
  • Bimby Aquino-Yap acknowledged the rumors and people calling him gay or “homosexual.”
  • Kris, then, went in denial of a soon-to-be-teenager Bimby.

In a recent video of Kris Aquino touring her viewers inside her new house, Bimby Aquino Yap proved to be mature for his age. He may only be a child but he remains aware from all the issues surrounding him and his family. Bimby made everyone’s hearts melt as he acknowledged the Netizens who call him “gay”.

His response proved that Kris raised well her sons amid the chaotic nature of entertainment.

She started the statement by saying, “I also have to be honest with all of you.”

Then, she continued as she received a kiss on her cheek from her 10-year-old son.

“It’s not easy to be my kids because wherever they go, di ba? May social media, may mga issues, may mga ano…”

Bimby interrupted his mom and acknowledged the issue when people called him homosexual or gay.

“Like people think, like… I’m a homosexual.”

Kris, then, looked at Bimby and said, “Yeah, don’t be homophobic right? That’s the whole message and whatever your choice in life, that’s your choice.”

Bimby’s statement became a viral when he looked at the camera and asked: “Why would you judge a child?” Kris, then, supported her and said, “Don’t judge a child, and don’t make the decision for the child.”

Again, Bimby stole the hearts of many when he said: “It’s because we’re still learning about ourselves and puberty hasn’t struck for me yet.”

Kris beamed and impressed by her own son’s response.

Then, Kris’s precious son teased her as his days of becoming a teenager is fast-approaching and smiled, “Two-and-a-half more years, mom.”

Kris was quick to reply, “I’m not ready, Bimbs. “Huwag muna. Okay ‘yung ano. Hindi pa ready ang Mama for that…” Although Bimby may be growing in fast, he admitted that he will always be there for her, “But I’m still gonna be your baby, Mommy.”





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