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Is Wil Dasovich now cancer-free?

  • Famous vlogger Wil Dasovich seemed to be on his way to full recovery.
  • The 26-year old former PBB housemate announced that he’s in good condition after undergoing a “big surgery.”

After staying in the US for months, Wil Dasovich seemed to be on his way to full recovery from cancer. The former “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7” housemate underwent months of medical treatment after he experienced “internal bleeding” for six months with no apparent cause, until he was diagnosed with cancer in August 2017.

Wil took to his social media accounts to announce that he’s in good condition after undergoing a “big surgery.”

Wil wrote. “Alive and well. #TheComeback starts now!”

On his other post, Wil posted on Instagram that a good portion of his large intestine was surgically removed as part of his medical treatment.

“6 grueling months and it’s come down to this. In just a few hours is the big surgery where they are removing a good portion of my large intestine so I’ll be in the hospital for the whole week,” he wrote.

“Cheers to the final move at conquering this battle. Let’s do this!” Wil added with so much positivity!

Best of luck to you Wil! Come back to us very soon!


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