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“Bagani” head writer responds to netizens who question the Euro-centric and heavy tanning make-up of the cast

  • Upcoming ABS-CBN fantaserye about Philippine mythology, Bagani, draws flak after Euro-centric featured cast.
  • Netizens quickly pointed out that Filipinos, even if they are mythological, would not look as fair as Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil despite heavy tanning makeup.
  • Bagani head writer, Mark Angos, also responded to netizens who questioned the diversity of the cast.

Many netizens slammed the upcoming ABS-CBN fantaserye, Bagani. Head writer, Mark Angos, then, defended his creation and clapped back on some tweets.

Netizens quickly pointed out that the stars of the said series became drenched with tanning make-up or bronzer.

The stars also have Eurocentric features which ruin the mythological Filipino effect of the series. Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil seemingly drowned themselves in bronzer to pass of as native Filipinos in Bagani.

Mark took to Twitter to explain Bagani‘s fictional state.

“Bagani is set in a fictional world called Sansinukob- isang alternatibong mundo na may mga elemento ng mitolohiyang Pilipino. It is not PRECOLONIAL. It is not HISTORICAL. Hence it is not a portray of sinaunang tao or a particular historical period or event.”

Netizens also added that even though Bagani remains set in a fictional world, it remains Filipino. They also continued that the stars should have had Filipino-centric features like kayumanggi-colored skin.

Miguel Poblador compared Bagani and the acclaimed Marvel film, Black Panther, on paying homage to their culture.

Liza also responded to some netizens who claims that she is not a Filipino.

“And who says were not pinoy? My Father is full filipino. I was raised by two filipinos since the age of 4. I looooove sinigang i think thats as pinoy as pinoy can get.”

One netizen quote tweeted Mark’s statement then asked:

“so what’s the reason of “changing” their skin tone?”

Mark relied on the script which said:

“In the script, the desert people were described “the dirt or sand sticks to their skin but instead of washing it off, they wear it like a badge forming part of their identity.” Baka that’s the way the makeup artist interpreted it.”

However, one netizen added a bit comedy and said:

“But why did they try so hard to make their skins darker and ended up lookin like they’re part of the simpsons thoooo”

This only led Mark to attach his tweet earlier and left it at that.

Another netizen pointed out that they created a world around Philippine mythology. The said netizen added that they still decided on pulling actors and actresses with fair and light skin with severe bronzing.

“yes sis i just love how you and your producers fantasize about a world based on philippine mythology pero mga tisoy at tisay (with a severe bronzing case, no less) lang yung namamayani while actual melanin-gifted filipinos are no where to be found”

Mark responded that the said netizen is just trying to produce negativity.

“Or despite its flaws, the show is laudable enough for reintroducing the forgotten concept of Philippine mythology to a generation of Filipinos enamored only by Marvel, Netflix and anything Hollywood. Get a chamomile tea kapatid. Negativity isn’t the only way to see the world.”

Another netizen announced that nobody told her about the Euro-centric features of mythological Filipinos.

“Di ako aware na may Eurocentric features ang mythologic Filipino”

Mark slammed her and proceeded to lecture her about Christian mythology.

“Chronicles of Narnia- a well documented nod to Christian mythology, Aslan symbolizing Jesus Christ. Bakit imagery ni C.S. Lewis of Aslan ay lion? If we follow your logic, it should be a guy with middle-eastern features.”


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