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Andrea Brillantes slams netizens on shaming her on photo with IV of Spades frontman

  • A IV of Spades fan shamed Andrea Brillantes on having her bra visible on a photo.
  • Andrea slammed said netizens on shaming a 15-year-old for wearing a bra.
  • Netizens also expressed their support towards Andrea.

Andrea Brillantes recently had her photo taken with Unique Salonga,IV of Spades frontman during Wanderland Music & Arts Festival 2018. However, netizens shamed her for having her bra visible on the said photo.

Andrea bravely  clapped back on Twitter. She also continued to slam said netizens on sexualizing a 15-year-old’s visible bra.

Although she had other photos on her Instagram account with the same outfit, a Twitter user, @groovyspades, shamed Andrea and wrote:

“iha kita na yung baby bra mo”

Andrea slammed netizens on her Twitter account which she doesn’t use that much anymore. She also apologized for the wrong grammar but she didn’t apologize for having her bra visible. She continued that she only wanted to speak up about the said issue.

“Kung wrong grammar sorry na antok lang pero please po sana basahin niyo, matangal na din po itong issue sa ibang babae, Gusto ko lang talaga mag salita about it :)”

Andrea attached a photo of her notes on the said issue. She also added that she doesn’t really use her Twitter anymore. However, she felt like she shouldn’t be sorry for having her bra visible.

“Hi, I don’t use twitter anymore and this will be my last tweet. My friend sent me a photo of tweets about my picture unique, it was about my “bra.” I was supposed to say sorry to everyone who felt uncomfortable about it but no, I realized that I shouldn’t be sorry…i mean why should I?”

Andrea stated that wearing a bra is normal and a 15-year-old is shamed for it. She, then, shared a story behind the photo. Andrea revealed that she ran and jumped just to take a photo with Unique. She can see guys who wear more shameful clothing and questioned why a simple bra or bra strap already is a big deal.

“I’m a woman and wearing a bra is normal..shaming a 15 year old because of it is not normal. Tumakbo at tumalon kasi ako para makapag pa picture kay Unique kaya haggard ako, tao lang. Guys can wear super low bottoms and kita brief but no one else would care, pag girls nakita lang bra/strap it’s a big deal na? Bakit ganun?”

Andrea expressed her gratitude to the Lord for giving her strength. She also expressed her thanks to people who defended her.

“I wanna thank the Lord for giving me the strength dahil siguro sobrang ashamed na ako sa sinasabi ng mga tao. I am not ashamed. Mas madami pang problematical sa mundo na kelangan bigyan ng pansin kaysa sa bra ng isang 15 year old,(thank you to everyone who defended me).”

Andre assured her fans that she will be okay. She also added that she just wanted to talk about the issue and asked her fans not to worry.

“I know i said na last tweet ko na yon but some fans are concerned, i’m okay guys di naman ako masyado nag pa apketo. gusto ko lang talaga magsalita tungkol dun sa issue. Wag kayo mag alala, napaka saya ko padin i love you all.”

Netizens expressed their support on Andrea’s tweet. One netizen also shared that not the whole fandom of IV of Shades thinks Andrea should be shamed on her visible bra.

“Hi Andrea! I just want you to know that NOT all of us in the IVOS fandom thinks that there is something wrong with the said photo. I’m really sorry that you have to deal with these close-minded people. YOU GO GIRL! :)”

Andrea replied to the said netizen:

“It’s okay lang po alam ko po yun, my tweet was for everyone po talaga :)”

Another netizen also encouraged Andrea to keep her chin up.

“Chin up girl 😉

Another netizen, then, felt sorry for the person who shamed the 15-year-old actress.

“hello andrea!!! i feel sorry for my “co-fan” sya lang talaga gumagawa ng issue and all. wala kang ginawang masama but ganun pa rin ginawa nya. just like ivos, you’re just being yourself lang naman eh. tenks sa love for unik!!!!”

Another fan can relate to what Andrea did before the photo was taken.

“hOy kahit ako kapag nakita ko si unique magtatalon talon tlga ko nuh, haggard kung haggard bastaa makapagpa pic. Cheer up gurl ✨


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