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Sandra Lemonon tells basher that she actually has a brain, beauty, and a good heart

  • Sandra Lemonon went to DOTr to learn about the “Build Build Build Program”
  • She proves to everyone that she is doing something to learn and widen her knowledge

Sandra Lemonon, after her controversial answer on Bb. Pilipinas 2018 question-and-answer portion, sparked the Filipinos’ mixed opinions on what a Bb. Pilipinas candidate should possess, or whether she gave the right answer or not.

Sandra was asked about her insights on the current administration’s ‘Build Build Build’ program and simply replied she has literally no idea of what the program is about. Her honesty might have done her good, but she did not escape the peering judgment of netizens.

There are mixed opinions on Sandra’s answer. Some would praise her honesty, some said that she was just unlucky, while others would say she is all beauty but no brain. Although there is no fact to support either criticism, Sandra did not dwell on the past and decided to move on from the issue by facing it.

On March 23, Department of Transportation – Philippines, posted on their Facebook Page that Sec. Arthur Tugade met with the Bb. Pilipinas candidate to discuss the ‘Build Build Build’ program. A bold move by Sandra to educate herself on the question that ruined her place in the competition.

Netizens, however, continue to laugh at her. Sandra, in response to her basher, told them that she actually has a brain behind her perfect beauty, and more importantly a good heart.

Sandra can only hope that by expanding her knowledge on the question that brought her downfall in the pageant will finally stop the critics from attacking her.


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